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Hello! For those of you that don't know me, my name is Kristy. I am a twenty years old American orphan who currently lives in Munich.  

After finishing highschool at Munich International School (MIS) it has been my dream to continue my studies at a university called Macromedia- the only university in Munich that offers an undergraduate program taught in English. I applied to Macromedia, for a space in the course 'Communications and Media Management B.A.' and was awarded 1 out of only 40 spots.  (Macromedia is a small selective college that specifies in Media studies, and the international bachelor programs (that are taught in English) are capped at 40 students. I was thrilled to have received a spot for the Winter Term 2017 starting in September- especially since enterance is selective- and would accept in a heartbeat if I knew a way to fund tuition. 

When I was 8 years old my mother passed away. At only 38 she had a very unexpected heart attack, and my brother and I moved in with her brother, our Uncle Andrew. We moved to New York City to live with him and his partner Steve. Although the loss of my mother was very difficult I was lucky to have found a home with my Unlces and I knew that I was spoiled to have such loving guardians to take care of my brother and I. When I was 12 years old, we moved to Munich, Germany where my Uncle Steve got a job offer to be rector at an English speaking episcopal church. Life in Munich was exciting and I was fortunate enough to be able to attend an amazing school where I developed a passion for media and communications. When I was 15 years old my Uncle Andrew was diagnossed with cancer. Not a year later he too, passed away. I then stayed in Munich and was determined to finish highschool and graduate alongside my friends. I moved in with Dörte, my boyfriends mom who was a very prominent woman in my life at the time and still is like a parent to me. My tuition at MIS was 100% lifted  for the year and a half that remained until graduation. I was thrilled that I could stay at my school as it was one of the only stable things I had left. I threw myself into my schoolwork. Senior year, three months before graduation my father passed away. Although I never lived with my father his passing aaffected me deeply. I was now an orphan.  

After graduation I searched for the next chapter of my life. I was set on starting college straight away to have something to look forward to and distract my mind from all the loss I had expirenced. I knew that I couldn't afford Macromedia- the school that I dreamt of attending -so I didn't even bother applying. Instead I searched for the next best option and and a cheaper alternative. I ended up choosing to a  school called Deustche Pop. Here my studies were in German and I was studying Journalism. I was convinced that I could be happy with a Journalism major and that my German was good enough. So I began in October 2015 and got a part time job on the side to pay for tuition. However over the past year I have been so unhappy, regreting going to Deustche Pop and spending every penny that I earn on tuition for a school that makes me unhappy.  Not only is it a struggle and a chore for me to study in German ( I can understand German 100% and speak at an almost fluent level, but writing (especially at a college degree)is a different story altogether. The first part of the course I began at Deustche Pop concludes in April, and I have decided that I will not continue there. A couple of months ago I began replanning my life, and decided to apply to Macromedia after all. I thought it would be a long shot and began to look at and think about other alternatives to going to college. I was so estatic when I received my acceptance letter and since then I have been determined to find a way to make attending college (the right college this time) happen for me. I have looked into student loans and financial aid, but due to the fact that I am an American citizen, and that I have no family that resides here to vouch for me financially,  it is very difficult to find funding that would be awarded to me. If I am not able to finance Macromedia, then I would have to begin apprenticeship in Munich starting October 2017 and face the fact that college isn't an option for me at the moment. I would hope in the very least to eventually attend college once I have worked more and saved money to pay for it. 

The money that I would need to raise in order to attend Macromedia is roughly 45,000€.
The total amount for tuition which consists of 7 semesters and a one time registration fee of 500€ comes to  a total of 43,130€. This sum excludes the optional but strongly suggested semester abroad and all additional fees.
If I were able to attend Macromedia I would be able to work somewhere between 10-15 hours per week on the side which  would would lead to me earning around 480€ per month in accordance with the hourly rates in Munich. I also receive an additional 181€ of child benefit 'Kindergeld' a month, which sums up to approx. 661€ each month for living costs. I would continue living with Dörte and my boyfriend so that I wouldn't have to pay rent and thus 661€ a month would be realistically doable. However, there is no way I could pay for tuition.
I would need to raise at least half of my goal of 45,000€ by August- the deadline to accept and make the first payment. 

Macromedia is my dream school because I would not only be able to further my education, but I would be able to attend a school where I feel confident and proud of the work that I submit as opposed to now where every time I hand a paper in I feel the dread and shame of my German writing skills.  :// I would look forward to, and work passionetly on assignments and the chance to learn instead of viewing each and every class as a chore or an obligation. I would be so happy to be part of an international community again and feel at home at school instead of being the outsider who isn't taken seriously by the other students. I am ready to thrive at what I do and be proud of myself for the work that I accomplish. It would mean so much to me to be given the gift of further education which I grew up taking for granted - not even realizing what a privilage it is. I know that this school is the right fit for me, and I take joy in thinking that this is the path that I am supposed to take. 

I am so grateful for any support that you can give. You would be not only helping me further my education but it would make me so happy to accept my spot at Macromedia for this coming Winter term 2017. It would be a dream that I have had since I was 17 years old and began looking at colleges in Munich, and it would mean so much, to be to be able to get my Bachelors degree. I know that I am asking for a lot and I am not sure how unrealistic my goal is, but I want to be sure to exhaust every option or any slight chance that exsists before I give up on my dream and on what I visualize as the next step on my path to the career that I am certain I would succeed in and enjoy every day of. Thank you!

For those of you interested in the University:
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