Kristin Martineau's Recovery Fund

Hi everyone,
     Our names are Colton, Weston, and Kimber. We are seven years old, and now, two months old. We are the children of Kristin and Luke Martineau. 
      We would like to tell you about our lives before and  after our mommy and Kimber's accident on June 26th, 2017. 
     First off, we are not your typical family. Before our mommy and daddy decided to get married (and have us), our daddy served a tour in Afghanistan, as a Marine. Now he's a deputy in Lake County, Florida.
     Our days were normally spent exploring the world together,  spending time with family, or just loving the outdoors! Our mommy and daddy worked very hard to make sure we had a happy life. They brought us to our sporting events. They would take us to visit our friends. They pretty much made sure our hearts were happy and our bodies were heathly.
     This is where things get scary. On June 26th, of this year, while our mommy and Kimber were on their way to pick up daddy and us boys, another vehicle crossed the double yellow line, in Astatula, Florida, on County Road 561, and hit mommy and Kimber head on! Unfortunately, our mommy recieved the brunt of the accident. Things have pretty much been a blur since then.
     Now we spend our days helping mommy reach for things, off the shelf, and telling her, "It will be okay," when she cries. 
     You see, when the car crossed the double yellow line, mommy ended up in the hospital, for twenty-one days, with a broken femur (L), a broken elbow (L), and a broken ankle (R). Thank God, Kimber's carseat did it's job! She stayed at the hospital, to help mommy's heart be happy!
     So, this is where you come in! Unfortunately, Florida is a no fault state. Yep, you guessed it! Now the bills belong to mommy and daddy and it wasn't even mommy's fault! Yes, our daddy works and our mommy did too, but mommy will be in a wheelchair for at least a few more months.
     We are asking if you could please help offset the expense of:
               -- Mommy and Kimber's hospital bills
               -- Mommy's out of pocket medical supplies
               -- Mommy's loss of work
               -- and last but certainly not least, where our mommy would love to bathe Kimber, fix our meals, and yes, she would love to be able to even do our laundry, Kimber needs a round-the-clock caregiver. As we were told, our mommy should not stand up or hold Kimber. Yes, our daddy and grandpa, Bill help as much as they can, but they need to work and find a few minutes to sleep as well!  
     We have asked the toothfairy to donate our "tooth money" to mommy and daddy. Would you donate as well?!

Thank you in advance!

May God bless and keep you all,
Kimber, Colton, and Weston Martineau

*(Yes, our aunt helped us write this! But that's just because she sees mommy struggle, daddy doing his best, and knows our family needs your help too!)
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    • 5 $ 
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Kristin Martineau