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 (6/18/18) I'm Kirby McCain. I'm 61 and an Army Veteran.  My most pressing concern right now is avoiding homelessness. Two and a half months ago, for medical reasons, I was sidelined and have been unable to work.  It has been difficult getting by with no income.  I eat one meal a day and hope the phone rings with some good news.  Not being able to work and having to ask for the help of others is an difficult for me.  I need your support badly.
As part of my insurance package I purchased short term disability. I turned in the paperwork at the doctor's office well over a month ago but apparently nothing was done with it. I resubmitted it to the doctor's office today. The point being that I have done what I could to avoid this. I don't know if I'm dealing with apathy or incompetence. 

Ten years after my triple bypass the native arteries are 100% blocked. One of the three grafts is 100% blocked the other two seemed fine.  Those are the results from the angiography a few weeks back.  While I'm not having any symptoms this apparently concerns the doctors.  It concerns me as well.  Yes, I need your help on the financial side of this but the health aspect is also real.

As a result, I've been out of work for two and a half months while also racking up huge medical bills.  The angiography was $88K. The insurance covered a lot but not all of that. The doctors want more testing before letting go me back to work, specificly a EPS or electrophysiology study. Thats going to cost another $77K.

In 2016 when I started this page it was a blockage of the left carotid artery. And I was also out of work for an extended period back then.  I thank everyone who helped me then.  And I'm thankful to those who have stepped up during my latest struggle.

With no income for two months and more testing and medical bills ahead I need your help.   My situation is such that I worry about homelessness. 

GoFundMe is the largest and safest platform for helping people in need.  Money doesn't grow on trees but a donation of $5 will make a difference.  Your kindness will be sincerely appreciated.  You will have the satisfaction of knowing that the money you contributed has helped a person in need.

Help me get my story in front of others by sharing it on social media. Post to your FaceBook page.  ReTweet.  It's a small thing to do. But it would give me a much needed boost.

God bless you and pass it forward.
Matthew 25:35

Kirby McCain


Kirby McCain
Lithia Springs, GA

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