KindredSun Youth Program Funding

No one should have to "Pay to Play". 
With kindredSun universal gofundme donation portal, they won't have to, ever again. 

             The Sun Works. It's free, and It's forever. 

                  And now, it's not only for the Solar Company. 

The Problem: By 2020, it’s estimated that 30,000 US schools will no longer offer any after-school programs.

The Risk:
Our youth, their schools and our future. 
The Reason: Billions of dollars in school budget cuts, everywhere. With no end in sight... Our youth are in trouble.  Statistics overwhelmingly show that our nations youth's physical, emotional and academic abilities are all related and in a downward spiral. 

Until Now. The "End of Pay to Play" starts right here.

Just because you can't measure the benefit of a program with a test, it doesn't mean it isnt important.The government can help, but not solve this crisis. School budget cuts by the billions are likely here to stay.
It's always been, and always will be up to people who care, and now we have provided the a  vehicle to act on it.

We mean business, and we need your help. 
We pledge 100% of your donation to your preferred kindredSun community partner will go to cover their pay to play costs today, while they build with our help their own community solar energy revenue home team!

Alternately you can also donate to our kindredSun Foundation which will give it 100% right back to our community partners by sponsoring the all marketing costs for each groups targeted solar power pledge campaigns.

These costs Include:
1. Direct mail, email and voicemail campaigns, as well as all printed materials, business counter tri-folds, flyers, brochures and door hangers for local canvassing "Block and Tackle" parties and event booths, and Solar Installation Celebrations.

2. Along with donating all marketing materials needed for these partner marketing, kindredSun also pays for all the rewards and fulfillment costs to help them raise money to use right now on our dime!

KindredSun will also invest in powerful radio and television advertising designed to create community awareness and educate the consumer to kindredSun's  "new solar value proposition" that provides the same savings and environmental benefits as before - but now funds your community after school and youth programs "in perpetuity", all but ending the need for traditional fundraising and "Pay to Play" - forever.

Most importantly our goal is to donate 100% of the energy revenue generated by participating Solar Power Pledge program solar providers, homeowners and businesses back to their chosen community organization, booster club or youth group.

Why do we give it all away and pay all costs? Because we mean business, and our business is eliminating financial barriers to all of our youth so they can be all they can be, regardless of their school or families budget constraints. They only get to be kids once.

Enough? or do you want to know more about our program?
Please read on...! There is more below or you can visit our website at

If you don't need to know and are good to go ... 

.....Please DONATE HERE! :) Thank you!

To donate: Go Down To Bottom to select your donation based reward and UP to top to Donate $ !

To make sure the ones you love receive the donation!
1. Just enter the source code or the name of your registered community organization in the comments section below and we will send you a gift on their behalf and forward 100% of the donation to there group. Simple! 

(If you don't know if your group is registered see our approved partners list on: )

If you would like to decide later - just let us know in the comments section and we will put it on the side for 30 days and credit to foundation at that point.

Select your gift based on your donation from the list below and add its reference number, color or size if applicable in the comments section.

If you would like to donate to our kindredSun Foundation just leave the comment section blank or tell us what you think of our program.

Please also let us know if you would like to volunteer
or if you are a retired teacher or coach and would like to become a paid part time community liaison to your local groups. Rewards at bottom of page.

On behalf of all of us at kindredSun and our community partners, Thank you for your donation!!!!

Rob Thatcher
Founder kindredSun /kS Foundation  
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dredSun detailed program information section:  

The Solution:  "Just do what we have always done" ..


Program Quick Facts: Your donation will help us to  
          "Kick-start" a kid's after-school program .. and it will "Run on the Sun" for "Decades to Come" 

How: Our kindredSun Solar Power pledge Program 

Question: Where does this money come from? 
We transfer to your community families, their kids and the schools they attend what is normally solar company's profits and or distributed to their shareholders. Yup! That simple, same deal for the solar use, new deal for solar provider.

 "Solar revenue sharing for social public benefit"
Our ground breaking program is a long term self-sustaining fix to the never ending problem of underfunded after-school programs.  We created kindredSun from the pure love and concern we share with you for all of our children. 

Our Solar Power Pledge program was designed from a passion to end unfair and expensive "pay to play" costs to our families.

Our program will eliminate these costs while guaranteeing the survival of after-school programs everywhere, stemming and stopping the foreclosure of severely underfunded programs -usually in inner cities where they are needed most, and re-opening programs that have been closed down.

We believe we are the first private company to create a "public entitlement". Pretty cool huh, as the founder I believe in private sector free market solutions that are self -sustaining because everybody wins.

We designed this company to serve but to protect the public as well.  This energy revenue ownership eliminates the need for trust. KindredSun and our solar partners are facilitators that can be replaced like a bank transfers your mortgage if necessary.

But we can't protect you from "copy cats".

Warning:  Don't be fooled by assurances that profit sharing schemes "are just as good" - they aren't and are extremely high risk.  

 Our programs patents are designed to protect the public's interests and our own! ;) We designed this program to give away all of the revenues so it's the best deal you are ever going to get!

It's your roof, your energy, your funding
we only require it be used to eliminate the all costs to participate in any after-school program offered to our families their kids 

Your donation to the kindredSun Foundation will help us "end pay to play" and the need for after-school program fundraising too!

Why do we need your donations, if we have all this energy revenue to give away? 
Because we want to give All the money away! 
Our goal is to be the first non-profit to donate 100% of monies raised to our cause, your communities after school programs.

Without your support
we will have to retain as much as 25%  of your community organizations energy revenue to pay our kSF Solar Power Pledge program marketing and some kS Foundation's operational costs. 

We know how to cut costs - there is a much better way. It is smarter and far cheaper for us to pay for our marketing costs one time upfront, rather than "finance" them time using your public energy funding. 

Let's make sure our youth get every last penny, please donate what you can as often as you can!

Executive Program Summary:

What our program is:
A non-profit (patent pending) community solar energy "revenue sharing" business model that transfers legal ownership of a guaranteed percentage of the energy revenues back to the community, as an  entitlement.  

We believe: Good kids = Better adults = Best Future
1. They only get to be kids once; they shouldn't have to “pay to play”.
2. Our youth’s physical and mental health today, affects the quality of the society they will live in, and THEIR kids will grow up in tomorrow.
3. These programs teach invaluable social lessons and life skills not learned in the "virtual" world, but in the real world, they will inherit.

In some cases these vital youth programs have literally saved the lives of many "at risk" kids. 

What our program is not: It is not a "profit sharing" marketing scheme. It is not solar farming for savings; it is not putting solar systems on schools or any form of energy credits offsets.    
What it is: The actual transfer of an exact negotiated percentage of the actual continuously measured energy revenue from every participating solar installation in your community delivered back to your community.
Who pays for it?  The source of the additional donated revenue comes from drastically lowered costs realized through community participation.   

"This revenue is collected by kSF and transferred back to the Non-profit community organization who originated the sale on behalf of the after school program they represent". 

These organizations receive and allocate the ongoing solar funding generated by their donor base of participating homeowners and businesses, to their choice of after school and youth benefit programs.
What are the rules? There is only one it must be spent after-school programs including approved administration costs ethically.  
How much money?  It depends on how you define a community. A family neighborhood, town, county, state, country, planet, the earth's solar system?! It's up to you. So is how you spend the money, as long as it's on our kids.
How long does it take? In a few months a well-organized and modestly funded community campaign could easily contract and install enough average solar systems to generate +/- $100,000 in annual youth program funding. That Fast!

Example: A town with 100,000 residents.
We estimate as little as 1% to 3% of your towns homeowners and businesses participating, would generate hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions of dollars in "annual" renewable energy funding.

A small fraction of the available market produces big benefits.  
See kindredSun's community solar revenue calculator on our website: 

The kindredSun Solar Power Pledge "SPP" program
can provide a virtual, never ending and almost unlimited source of community solar energy funding for decades to come for after-school programs of all kinds.

How to get started today:

Please visit the "Action block" to:
 Reach out! Homeowners and businesses get informed. This program is not a marketing gimmick, it's our kid's future!
2. Shout Out! Individuals sign our petition to "End Pay to Play". This will encourage more solar providers to share energy revenue through our program! 
3. Fill out! Homeowners and businesses complete our Solar Power Pledge system application 
4. Roll out! Community youth non-profit organization get registered and approved for our program funding!
5. Don't lose out! There are still currently plenty of homes and businesses in every community for everyone - but organizing early will guarantee faster funding for your organization and protect your turf!    

Our challenge is to get our program to the 50 million families with kids in 98,000 US Schools. Staggering. 

Where your kSF donation goes:
The kindredSun Foundation
is responsible for managing the Solar Power Pledge program including: 
1. Collection and distribution of solar revenues from participating solar providers to your local non-profit youth organization.
2. Marketing and advertising on mass media like radio, and cable TV as well as a very comprehensive social media outreach for the benefit of all affiliate youth groups.  
3. Providing community support by hiring retired teachers and coaches as kindredSun community liaisons. They're new careers will be our "eyes and ears".
They will insure your youth group receives personal campaign assistance as well as provide ethical oversight of funds appropriations, making sure your kids come first.                              

The Sun is the source, the Sky's the limit. 

As long as the sun comes up, the money will be there.                      
Your kSF donation dollar is renewed every day the sun comes up.
It literally grows and grows. Every dollar donated is literally re-donated over and over, through your communities newly generated solar energy revenues. A Generation is just being born that will benefit from what your community does today with your kindredSun program. "A gift that literally keeps on giving".
Additional Fun Facts about kindredSun Foundation

Youth programs is where it all starts! 

We support and enjoy the support, of collegiate, professional sports and performing arts of all kinds. 

Solar Program FAQs: 

1. Our solar systems require no money down or any out of pocket costs. 
2. There is nothing to buy you only pay for the energy you produce.
3. Our program "saves the homeowner money" and produces environmental benefits, the same as any solar system does. 
4. Our program is also better for the whole economy!
Your family's kids and the environment are our programs biggest winners. Corporate America and Community organizations, the public and our government are all winners too. Visit

Our Opinion:
We have shared our sun and all of its benefits since the beginning of time. It seems only fair to continue to do so.
It's only fair, and about time. Taxpayers not only receive an environmental benefit from our tax payer dollars, but a financial benefit as well.
We aren't asking the solar industry to sacrifice.  We are more than replacing the value of the donated energy with volume and drastically lower marketing costs. 

When it comes to solar, it's better to share.

Our Solar Providers provide far more value:
Good + Better = Best:
Saving money is good.
Saving the environment is better.
Sharing revenues with the community is best. 

Donation Rewards!!!!  
Each Reward Level (See bottom of Page) is includes various Items which you can choose different types of by indicating the Item #. Please include Units / Item #s in comments section at time of donation.
Have fun! And thank you again, again and again :)

              The kSF "Kindred Archangel" Certificate
please include email for delivery :)

           The kSF "Kindred Guardian Angel" Certificate
please include email for delivery :)

KindredSun "We Make Green Do More" Dog Tag #26

        KindredSun Foundation "Army of Better Angels"
Lincoln 3.4.1861 Inauguration Dog-Tags Item #36

kSF Arch / Guardian Angel Tattoos and Decals Item #

          KindredSun Women's Gear T-Shirt Item #2

     kSF Women's "Archangel Wings" T-Shirt Item #1

kSF Women's White Tank-Shirt Item #101

SF Women's Pink Tank-Shirt Item #102

SF Women's Yellow Tank-Shirt Item #103

          kSF Men's "ArchAngel Wings" T-Shirt Item #4

kSF Gears "Guardian Angel Wings" T-Shirt Item #38

   kSF Men's "Archangel Wings" Blue T-Shirt Item #3

 kSF White "Halo Wings" Cap Item #31, Tan Cap  #39
                                               "The Kind"

          kSF White Embroiered Foundation Logo Cap #8
                                                  "The Coach"

kSF Orange Embroidered Foundation Logo Cap #7
                                             "The Player"
          kSF Gears Logo Baseball Cap Brown Item #32
                                              "The Trainer"

       KindredSun Gears Grey Polo Uni-Sex Item #5
                                               "The Trainer"

         KindredSun Gears Uni-Sex Hoodie Item# 61                                               
                Be seen "Sharing some kind-Red-Sun"
     Glow in the Dark Green Eco-Bracelets Item #13

           Solar Power Pledge Phat Bands  Item #16
    ( Measures other's envy in real time )

                                Kindred Koozies - Item #
                         ( Approved for Non-Alcholic Use 

  Green Drawstring Bag #29  Orange Drwstg Bag # 28 
                   (Use for collecting your popular vote )
                                  kindredSun Foundation
                   Guardian Angel "Protector" Award

   Kindred Gardian Angel Wings - Wall Sculpture #50

                              kindredSun Foundation
                        Archangel "Defender" Award

               Archangel Wings - Wall Sculpture #60

                                 kindredSun Foundation
                       Kindred King and or Queen Award

           Kinded King's Wings / kindred Queens Wings
                                  Wall Sculpture #60


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