Kiko's Egypt/Kemet Documentary

Ive been in the realm of education and transformation for my entire life. Being fearful and not having a voice growing up impact me deeply. So I am very familiar with not living in my pure essence and doing what I was meant to do on this planet. It took most of my life just to get myself in the right direction and to stop destroying myself from the inside out. I've taught special-education to children, developed youth artistic leadership programs, been Vice President and self defense coordinator of a local domestic violence nonprofit and been a professional actor for many years on many tv shows and Films.

Currently I've just been certified as a Kundalini Yoga instructor where I've implemented this powerful technology into my baby The ZenPowerment Way . This is a powerful and immediately transformative training program designed specifically for females to step in to their full power by learning reality-based self-defense, Kundalini yoga, meditation and artistic self expression techniques based off the 12 Principles of my first book Survive 2 Thrive .

I can honestly say that my entire life and career is solely dedicated to doing whatever is necessary to support my brothers and sisters to realize their true divine identity. Creating educational media and platforms to support their personal awakening and development in the most powerful way possible is an essential part of this process.

One of the most essential pillars in our program is personal identity. How one relates to oneself is critical in the direction and altitude of his or her life. If someone thanks of themselves as in underdeveloped animal, then they will have the behaviors and attributes of that animal.

On the contrary if someone identifies a relates to themselves as a sensitive, divine and powerful spiritual being living in this physical body that has been born on this planet for a definitive purpose. Then they will obviously behave, think, speak and act in alignment with that divine being.

True Identity.

This is what I'm raising funds for. To create media that efficiently transforms how we identify with ourselves as powerful spiritual beings existing in these human bodies.

Because the moment we awaken and elevate how we identify with who and what we are on this planet, our entire world, thoughts, behaviors and actions will change immediately.

This educational and artistic documentary that we are creating is meant to do just that. I'm going to Africa to educate myself and others on how the Kemetic/Egyptian civilization has contributed to building the entire landscape of our known world. From religion, to education, to yoga, to science and beyond. I see this being a powerful catalyst to transforming the most broken parts and people of our current society.

Tour Fee: $2875
Airfare: $1400
Expendables: $700
Post Production & Editing: $1500
P&A $1500
Total costs: $8275

The tour starts on July 22nd in Cairo Egypt so I would require the funds by no later than July 15th to properly prepare for the course.

I can't tell you how much I love life and how it humbles me that I was even created by our creator. I want us all to remember the precious quality of this life, to take advantage of our time here. But we can't do that if we don't remember who we truly are.

Whatever you can contribute right now in any form whether it's financial, distribution for this documentary, post production support, camera etc. Know that I am eternally grateful for your support in support me to fulfill my life purpose and helping my brothers and sisters to remember their divinity & true purpose for their life.

Humbly yours,
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