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Invest in Independent Hip Hop with Historical and Economic Awareness! Your Support will Increase the availability of Quality Hip Hop Content!

Your Investment will assist in the purchase of badly needed A / V gear! The studio mic and camera really need an upgrade! Upgraded software and a light kit will greatly expand the mobile studio!

East African Hip Hop Lecture @ Rutgers University

Hip Hop Kambi Blog

Documentary on Economic Inequality


Short version:

- Hi, I'm Kevlexicon. My exposure to East African hip hop inspired me to embark on hip hop creative works with a focus on historical awareness and economic inequality.

- Thus far, I've given a lecture at Rutgers University, created a blog that contextualizes East African hip hop, and filmed a series of music videos and documentaries. I am currently seeking financial assistance in order to generate more, high-quality content.

- Economic investment would go towards A / V gear, durable assets will provide a platform for skill-building and economic independence

- if you enjoy my content, kindly consider investing in our movement, and we will return your investment with more historically inspired, economic inequality-aware content!

Long version:


Kevlexicon here. Just a local villager from New Jersey.

My time in Kenya taught me a lot about economic inequality. I learned some KiSwahili and Sheng, friends kindly guided me on solid histories to read. For the first time, I began to see hip hop is more than rapping, deejaying, or any particular element; I realised it is a way of life.  An increased awareness of economic histories created a desire to re-work hip hop as I saw it in America. Drawing influence from the voices of East African hip hopers, I began to  apply that awareness to my own familiar local context, in my own voice, in America. With the support of local hip hop artists, I was able to begin to form the ideas that are now an essential part of the ongoing creative projects I am involved with.

Now, I see Hip Hop as a series of actions designed to reduce economic inequality, promote historical awareness, and improve living standards; a method  to build an infrastructure where humans can maximize their potential.


Since I returned to America, I've given a lecture at Rutgers University, (with leads from Monaja) introducing East African Hip Hop

For over 3 years, I have collaborated with artists across the East African region to produce Hip Hop Kambi blog. The blog provides a contextual framework to introduce new audiences to East African Hip Hop. The blog was designed to assist various artists, activists, and hip hop heads introduce their content, in their own words, to a new audience.

For the past 5 years, I have been writing a book, Mixtape Mistari, documenting hip hop histories in East Africa, contextualising the music and lifestyle and offering my perspective as a broke guy from a small town in New Jersey, who went to private liberal arts college, navigating some hip hop communities. Building upon the parallel economic struggles in Kenya and the United States, I now see the wisdom in Kaktus' words,

"Kabila ni mbili pekee mnakosewa,
(we have only two tribes, they lied to us)

Kabila ya wazee, kabila ya vijana,
(the old & the young)"

The overall hip hop mission with these creative projects is to inform young people, expand the kinds of economic voices currently available, and equip young people to best deal with the contemporary economic reality.

Inspired by independent hip hop artists like Ananda A-World and Audio Kusini, in 2014 I began shooting music videos and documentaries, with an emphasis on economic inequality.

I am publishing a mixtape, Klanhattan KlanVillage Mixtape, whose central theme is economic inequality.
Using inequality as a starting point, the mistari (Swahili for lyrics) talk about mass incarceration, the drug (/class) war, racism, sexism, as well as possible ways forward.

As this content-generating process develops, I'm realising, with an initial investment in some durable assets ( quality audio / video gear ) my team and I can produce high-quality hip hop content, reach more people and have more of an impact.

Why you should invest:

We are drowning in a sea of cynical, hypocritical, misleading commercial mediocrity designed to extract capital and rob young people of their full potential. The hip hop team of artists, producers, musicians, writers, bloggers, video guys, supporters, I have been lucky enough to collaborate with, have committed themselves to combating economic inequality and spreading productive awareness to local and international communities.

Think of every painfully basic, misleading, ahistorical movie, book, film,  or music video, you've been forced to ingest owing to a lack of options.

An investment in hip hop will lead to more high-quality content in a shorter timespan, with an expanded reach, opening more opportunities for collaboration and mutual mind expansion.

Other reasons to invest:

Investment in gear will allow myself and my team of affiliated hip hopers to build long-term skills, opening doors to long-term employment and economic self-sufficiency, with a backbone of economic awareness and a positive, youth-based mission.

Where the money will go:

I have been personally researching the best mobile audio and video gear for over 3 years. Countless nights comparing youtube reviews, lookin at gear ratings,  comparing prices, CoinStarring when I had to. The hands-on experience I've gained generating content, traveling, and consulting with professionals in the A / V fields, as well as my partners and supporters, has given me an idea of what can be done with a reasonably attainable budget.

Economic assistance would go towards:

video: a solid mirrorless body camera, full panel LED light kit,  track dolly, lenses

audio: an upgrade to my current studio mic is Badly Needed ( I know u love the raw sound, but clarity would be dope! ), external harddrives and high quality recording software would drastically improve the approachableness of new content.

Despite the severe economic obstacles my team and I have faced, I am amazed with what has been possible thus far!! Please invest in our futures and the future of the majority of young people so we can build better futures for ourselves and take hip hop to the next level!!!

Thank you,



Kevin Teryek Kusini
Manville, NJ

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