Krie8ta: Expanding my Passion

Hey friends & family!

I've created this fundraiser to help me drive forward my passion in photography and be able to share my talents with those who support me as an individual, as an artist, and for those who believe in my creative path. How this platform works is that a set a goal, and have less than 30 days to raise it or else it expires and I lose any donations given. Any donation helps achieve my goal! 

A little about me:

So here I would like to briefly explain who I am, where I come from, and where I want to be.... where do I begin. So beginning with the most recent news, I graduated last May from Florida International University with my Master's in Landscape Architecture + Environmental Urban Planning after a 5 year accelerated program. Early on in my college career studying architecture and design, I realized that as a designer, I was more than just an architect. I realized that my knowledge in a variety of programs and software could branch my professional career into anything design related. What do I mean? Well I realized that I can use my skills acquired from architecture to apply them into graphic design, photography, branding, mural art, screen printing, and much more. This is where my small business was born from and is now what I call VACO Studio:  a Micro Creative Agency. Please reach out to me if you would like to hear more about it ;)

(Learn more about VACO and what my team and I have accomplished at )

From multiple internships in architecture, landscape architecture, and even managing a screen printing shop, I learned from an early age what my career would really be like outside of school. This reality was a huge eye opener which allowed me to pivot and start thinking of ways of how to combine the best of all these worlds and eventually create my own lane as a creative. I am learning everyday but know that I am heading in the right direction and couldn’t be any happier at the moment. 

Currently, I am working with a Landscape Architecture Studio by the name of Bell LA, which is based out of Coral Gables, FL. Words cannot describe how grateful I feel to be able to work in an environment where my ideas are heard, my creativity flows, and I can learn in an intimate setting alongside great co-workers.  From designing high end residential homes in the office, to flying my drone out to our completed projects and capturing their beauty and impact, Bell LA has allowed me to be exactly who I am, an all-around creative. For that I am forever grateful and hope to continue to grow alongside such a great team. 

My afternoons after work and weekends are dedicated to growing VACO with my partners and working with a couple of local small business/startups to create and build amazing brands. Offering services ranging from branding, photography, videography, event planning, and basically do whatever it takes to build great brands. I also dedicate that free time to collaborating with local creatives through photography. Creating visually inspiring content for everyone to enjoy. For those who don't know, the name Krie8ta is my artistic name which is combination of my first name "Kevin" and my last name "Arrieta" which results in "Krie8ta" which sounds like creator, and is exactly who I am! 

Using Go fund me as a platform, I am inviting anyone who desires to help me raise my goal of $4,000 to donate here. All the funds will be used to kickstart my professional photography career( camera body +lens + lighting accessories) and I will be able to offer in return a variety of services and products to those who donate in gratitude of their support.  Below you can see the different complimentary services gifted as gratitude for your support in my passion and future.


Thank you for your time and support and hope you can help me share my work with everyone. I don’t usually like to ask for monetary help but believe that in this form it is acceptable and allows me to express myself to the public. This equipment will help my jumpstart my creative career while being to thank everyone that has been part of the process with it. Your support means everything to me. I

Thank you! 



Donation Rewards


Donate $1-24 :

Appreciation card + Krie8ta Sticker


Donate $25-199 :

Appreciation card + Complimentary Scheduled Professional Urban Headshot/Portrait + sticker

Donate $50:

Signed Krie8ta 16"x20" Poster of your choice +sticker


Donte $200-499 :

Appreciation card + Complimentary Scheduled 2-3 hour Professional Photoshoot w/ 10 edited images + Krie8ta 16"x20" poster + Sticker 


Donate $500 or more

Appreciation card + Complimentary 24”x36” Krie8ta signed poster print of  your choice + Complimentary Scheduled 2-3 hour Photoshoot w/ 20 + edited images + sticker + mystery item  

Thank you! 

Kevin Arrieta

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  • Alfredo Arrieta 
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    • 60 mos
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    • $20 
    • 60 mos
  • Carolina Fiol 
    • $100 
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