Kennedy Kingsley

This GoFundMe page is set up to raise money for our daughter, Kennedy to recieve stem cell therapy.

Kennedy was born with complications and experienced a sever and profound brain injury due to oxygen deprivaiton during labor and delivery.  As result of that injury, Kennedy is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy is a condition marked by impaired muscle coordination typically caused by damage to the brain.

Kennedy is now 4 years old and has very limited physical ability. She is unable to sit, stand, crawl or walk without assistance. She is however vocal, smiley, sweet and fun. She is a fighter and we believe we are on the verge of great changes for her.

We are excited about two spectacular opportunities for Kennedy.

We are so happy to be sending her to the Conductive Learning Center for the 2017-18 school year.  We are so THANKFUL for the many, many friends and family that have sponsored Kennedy financial.  This amazing center is a specialized school for kids with motor impairments. They help kids like Kennedy learn to control thier bodies and move toward independence.
The second opportunity is to have Kennedy participate in Stem Cell Therapy. This is where our GoFundMe proceeds will change Kennedy's world. Stem Cell Therapy is still considered an "investigational" treatment so medical insurance does not cover any of the cost. 

What is stem cell therapy? The basics in layman's terms and with my non-medical background... Stem Cells are super cells. They are collected from a baby's ambilical cord right after birth. (Kennedy just had a baby brother on August 23. We were able to collect his stem cells and we hope that they will be a match for her. If they are not a match we hope to find a match through the donor bank.) Then the stem cells will be infused through an IV into Kennedy. Stem Cells are super cells that will then travel through the body looking for areas of inflamation, damage, etc. They will duplicate themselves and morph into the specific type of cell. These super cells have great healing power. 

Duke University has completed phase one clinical trials and soon will be releasing the results of that trial. They are also hoping to kick off a second trial in the new year. 

We are using the Carolina Cord Blood Bank and the amazing team at Duke University to help us through this process.

Kennedy will turn 5 on December 21.  We hope to raise all the necessary funds by then so that we can make this coming year the BEST YEAR YET for Kennedy.

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