Kelly's Crisis #kellyscrisis

Hello Everyone,

I have now finally taken over the campaign on behalf of Kelly, after the last campaign organiser eventually agreed to hand the account over to my management. I would firstly like to thank everyone that has supported Kelly so far in her journey.
 There has been much controversy about this campaign, due in part to the incorrect reporting of certain aspects of her case in the media. Whilst being poorly Kelly has also had to prove herself against many unfair accusations over her medical condition. I agreed to take over the campaign because I have known Kelly for over 20yrs and also work in the medical sector. I not only spoke with Kelly's medical team during her long time in hospital but also saw witnessed just how harrowing her condition was.

If anyone would like to know anything further please get in touch. This includes anyone that feels they no longer wish to support Kelly in her long journey back to health.

Kelly has written the following update to address some of the accusations that have been levelled at her following the media

First of all I would just like to thank everyone who has donated, I cannot thank you enough! This has been a very long road and an extremely hard one, being ill was the easy part! As most of you are aware there has been much speculation, and some malicious and nasty comments.... I would like to take this chance to lay this to rest now so I can concentrate on me and not have to deal with the rumours that have been flying around!
Due to being very unlucky, I have previously been unwell (mostly kidney issues which seem to continue) and had a previous stay in hospital a few years ago, where I was tested for so many things and told that I could have lots of things.  It eventually turned out to be adenomyosis, it took a long time to get to this diagnosis but now I know what I am dealing with...
Someone decided that they would use this, plus the recent stay in hospital to tell people that I have Münchausen syndrome,  with which they have now spent weeks trying to blacken my name and say that I am fraudulently gaining people's donations... May I also add here that I never started this page/fund, nor was it my idea! A lovely lady decided to do this and I was very grateful for her kindness, as I am for everyone who donated to the cause!

The operation I had at St Michael's was to see if I also had endometriosis so they didn't miss anything and make sure I was having the correct treatment. Luckily I was clear of this which is a relief. From the day of this operation I did not go to the toilet and was taking laxatives with no effect. I then had an infection deep inside my stomach from the operation.  while in hospital for treatment of the infection they did a CT scan which showed my bowel to be inflamed (stranded)  and I was heavily constipated... I went home on medication to elevate this which didn't help. I carried on my active life, which I had done from the 6th day after my operation (riding and competing) fast forward a couple of weeks and I found myself back in hospital (after much argument may I add, from my GP and a close friend who literally dragged me there) the infection hadn't cleared (which is actually very common with collection pockets of infection from surgery so I was told by the surgeon!) so I ended up having another surgery to treat this which went well! They also tried to treat the constipation and it literally would not work.. they then found with more investigation that my bowel was in fact not moving, hence why I was constipated previously which then turned to fecal impaction and then I was told it was because it had been knocked in surgery, which made sense due to the infection as well! A while later they did another X-ray which my team gave to me so I could see the extent of what I was dealing with, which I posted on my own Facebook wall and explained this is what I was dealing with.  

At this point the Go Fund me was set up by Judy who just wanted to help, it was initially set up for bills, my beautiful horse Huckleberry and any private care I may have needed due to my team really not being able to do anymore than they were (laxatives/ flex sigmoidoscopy's twice a week to elevate the impaction and so on...).  At this point I was truly scared for my life, friends were gravely concerned after speaking to the consultants themselves and watching me getting more ill day by day, they told us they didn't know what to do, it was clear what we had been trying for months with the laxatives wasn't working and they said they couldn't go any further with the sigmoidoscopy. I was vomiting up my own faeces; which from being a Carer previously in the community for the elderly;  I knew was not a good sign.  It has been the worst thing that I have ever had to deal with. 

Then the media got involved and there was also a change of campaign organiser, as she felt that she would be better placed to manage the campaign. The new campaign organiser wrote their own take on the go fund me page to help my story and gave a change of direction for the fund.  As it was decided by popular opinion after many people researched it that the best place for me to be was St Marks and if I went there initially as a private patient it would get the ball moving quicker as none of us knew how long it was going to be before my colon could take no more.  This is when it went really wrong!  The media wrote their take!  Which, let's be honest we all know they add things to make a "good story" that's what sells papers at the end of the day!  People also had their own take on what the new campaign organiser wrote. 

Then the rumours started to fly!  Some decided from the information they had, that I had said that- I had faeces floating around outside my bowel (NEVER THE CASE)
I believe when the campaign organiser wrote   "consultants slip of a knife" people then decided that my bowel had been perforated which was just speculation, as fortunately this did not happen... so this then got blown way out of proportion and people talk...I have had to deal with endless comments where people have insisted that I would be dead if this had happened and therefore I must be lying about my condition! Its true that nobody could survive very long with feaces outside the bowel, as it woud poison the entire system. However this did NOT happen to me and I have never claimed to have faeces outside the bowel!
It was also said that the X-ray was of my chest (the only comment about my chest was my original post with my X-ray saying "and yes it's up in my chest too" where I was referring to the fact that I was so impacted everything was being pushed upwards against my diaphragm.  NOWHERE did it say it was an X-ray of my chest... 

While this is going on I am having to deal with accusations whilst trying to get myself better.  I was dealing with so many health issues due to my circumstances, so worried I wasn't going to make it and yet people thought it was ok to try and bring me down even lower than I already was... I'm guessing a lot of you have never been in a situation like I was and I can tell you it took ever ounce of me to keep going.  It has been the most horrific thing I have had to deal with and I truly hope that even my worst enemy never has to go through what I have, not knowing what each day will bring...

You all know how they came to fix me, pushing a procedure further than they should have, which I will be forever grateful for. Then I came home quickly ;which I have also been critised for; BUT who wouldn't after spending 3 months in hospital..  I was desperate to get out of there!! My doctors said I was ok to  recover at home; providing I had support;  as that is all I ever wanted!  Going home was something at times I feared may never happen. So that is what I did!

A few days later I was sadly struck with kidney stones (something I have always suffered with) plus an kidney infection, which I had while in hospital but wasn't treated for. I went to a different hospital, as it is only 15 min from my home and not 30 and also  because of the issues I had at Southmead (the team generally not knowing what to do etc) I felt easier with the idea of my local hospital. I had an operation to remove the stone that was stuck in my right tube and I was told I would go back in 12 weeks time to sort the stones that are still in my left kidney, if they have not managed to disperse themselves. 

Apparently though according to one of the accusations I caused the infection myself (something I could NOT have caused myself unless I am a bloody good surgeon! I would have had to undo my stitches placed an infection deep inside and then stitched myself back up.. I think it's clear I would have passed out and it's just not possible). I have also been accused of causing the faecal impaction and kidney stones myself!

Now yes I am unlucky, yes I can understand at times when people question my situation due to rumours that they have heard. However what I don't get is why anyone would want to take someone down so badly! 
Its important to note that IF I had in fact suffered with Münchausen syndrome, it's a mental health issue which should be treated carefully. I certainly would not be trying to take the person down publicly, nor would I go to the extent that it has been taken. I would like to take this opportunity though to state that I don't and on my discharge letter from hospital, it clearly states that my mental health is normal!! I also would have been placed on a psychiatric ward at some point and not a gastro ward if there was any hint of me suffering from this awful syndrome in my medical history.

To try and bring me down (whilst I am already at a low ebb) this person has even reported me to social services, for not caring correctly (when I was at home) for the young man that I have looked after for 11 years! I  have also been reported to the department of work and pensions for benefit fraud... This was/is a personal attack, to make me "look bad" not in fact a true representation of the facts or actual truth,  just individuals who don't like me and will go to any length to blacken my name. They have also tried to come between me and my friends, which they were successful with for at least one and they also succeeded in getting people to believe them too.

Of course there will always be people who decide to only hear what they want from the media reporting and the second organisers update and think they know my situation better than I do! I have always been open about my condition and have tried my best; whilst being very poorly; to keep people updated.

The police have had to become involved, because it has passed what I can deal with now. I have nothing to hide hence getting them involved (no one does this if they are guilty.. I would be clearly shooting myself in the foot if I did!) This is not my way but I have to think of "me" for once and not other people and their feelings!

I hope this is a lot more clear for people to understand. I am eternally grateful for everything that everyone has done for me, I truly am.  I need to separate myself from the negativity so I can focus and get 100% better!

I would also like to take the time to say a massive thank you to all of my friends who have stuck by me 100% and never once doubted my situation. This is mainly because they truly knew my situation, as they were coming in every day and were there for my consultations and because they believed in ME! I would also like to mention and thank my amazing riding club, with whom I hope to be back as an active member in the coming months! My childhood friend Katie who has taken on this mammoth task, although she has been so very unwell herself and a small group of ladies/very close friends who have fought tirelessly beside her.

And of course again to you all that donated!

Kelly x

Hello everyone!

Thank you all for donating and supporting #kellyscrisis and apologies for the delay in updating you. Due to a surprising breakthrough in her treatment, Kelly was able to return home last Friday. She was delighted to be back, and wrote the update below to explain. Unfortunately, on Sunday, Kelly was admitted to RUH Bath with a kidney infection and we await further news.  Anybody who would like their donation refunded, in the light of these altered circumstances, will of course be reimbursed. I believe that gofundme will be contacting every donor to explain this process.

This is her update from Saturday:

At the beginning of the week, I was told I could have two operations;

One would mean losing my whole colon and having a bag for life,

The other option was to have a tube inserted on my right side. My colon would be flushed 3 times a day, leaving a high risk of perforation.

I then went for my usual procedure (that I have been having twice a week) to remove stool up to half way along my colon. This time, they pushed the boundaries, went all the way to the caecum and were able to remove all of the impacted and constipated stool. As you can imagine this was a massive relief! Not only that, but the colon was seen to be moving. The consultant was very confident that, providing I came off all pain medications and continued laxatives, I would regain full use of my bowels. I do currently have IBS but am hoping that it won't be something I suffer from once everything has settled down. I have since been allowed to return home, but am still completely bed bound and have a catheter and picc line (main arterial intravenous line which sits just above the heart) in. I am incredibly happy to be back in my own home, but finding it very hard as I am unable do anything for myself. I have also been told it will be way past Christmas before I will get any kind of physio due to the referral etc.

Because I'm potentially fixed, I will no longer need to go to St Marks, but I would like to pursue the possibility of seeing Mr Anthony Dixon, a specialist colorectal surgeon/consultant, at The Spire in Bristol. I would like to discuss my case with him to prevent any further complications. Due to my lengthy stay at Southmead and the constant unknown on how to treat me, I feel a second opinion would be advisable.

I cannot thank you all enough for your kind and generous donations and support. I'm truly overwhelmed by the support not only from friends, but from complete strangers. Without your continued support, I will not be able to get the help I need (physio and in-home care) which will affect my recovery. It would also give me peace of mind to be able to seek a second opinion from a respected consultant who is top in the field.

I would like to be able to use your kind donations to fund the following:

· The private ambulance which brought me home from the hospital.

· Overnight care, which is not offered on the NHS, until I'm able to get around my home safely.

· Any adaptions I may need to make my home safe

· An appointment with the specialist consultant at The Spire.

· Physiotherapy (as I will not be receiving this until, at the earliest, beginning of January) and an OT

· Other therapies, such as hydrotherapy, to speed my recovery and give me the best chance of getting back to normal.

· Transport to and from all of these appointments.

Unfortunately, at this stage, it is hard to estimate the costs involved, as I have no idea how long treatment will need to continue. However, should any funds remain, once I have recovered, they will be donated to the Bowel Disease Research Foundation

I completely understand and respect your decision if you would like your donation to be refunded. This situation was totally unexpected and now the funds will be used in a different way, but will still be helping me in my recuperation. I would still like to say a massive thank you even if you decide to have a refund. Your generosity to begin with helped me to stay strong enough to get where I am now!
For those who choose to continue with their donation, I would like to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. Again, without your help I would not be where I am now.

Thanks and best wishes.

Kelly x

Can you imagine how it would feel to have your body so full of your own excrement that you were slowly suffocating? Yes, what you see is what you think it is…

Due to a slip of the scalpel, during a minor surgical procedure, Kelly Yeoman’s bowel was knocked, leaving her with a collection of infection which required two further surgeries to correct. As a result, her bowel is now unable to function, she is now horrifically fecally impacted (as you can see in the X-ray, her body is literally filling with poo), she is regularly vomiting a foul mixture of her last meal and her own excrement, and she is struggling to breathe. For ten long weeks, Kelly has been lying in her hospital bed, on a cocktail of the strongest painkillers, being subjected to a series of increasingly humiliating and painful procedures, while nobody seems able to find a solution. At any moment, her bowel could perforate, which (if she is lucky enough to survive the complications) will result in a colostomy bag for the rest of her life. She is allergic to many things including latex and oral antibiotics and has a number of health issues, all of which need to be carefully considered. Nothing seems to be working and we are watching her go gradually downhill – she is almost unrecognisable as our happy, strong and determined friend. Every day she seems to fade further away and we are all beginning to fear the worst.

This is absolutely not a rant about the NHS or an attack on Southmead Hospital. On the whole, Kelly has been treated kindly and well, but she is now in a critical condition and needs one to one, specialist intervention.  We would desperately like to get her admitted to St Mark’s Hospital, London (Specialist Bowel Hospital) as a private patient, so she can get the help she so urgently requires.

Please, please, if you are able, make a donation and get help for Kelly #KellysCrisis

Kelly  is only 34 – a lovely, bright and caring young woman whose life should be full of fun and laughter and plans for the future. Popular and outgoing, her loyalty knows no bounds. She will do anything for her friends; giving her time, money and knowledge, wherever and whenever she can, happy to help anyone in need.

Kelly’s devotion to her horse, Huckleberry Finn, is legendary. She took him on as a rescue case in a poor state, and suffering from the debilitating condition, kissing spine. With clear focus and steely determination, Kelly patiently nursed him through the necessary surgery and tough recuperation period, never, ever giving up hope for her beloved friend, even through the darkest night. Huck has now not only recovered, but has become something of a local hero, turning his hoof to whatever he is asked with the greatest of relish. The pair are always together; flying over cross country jumps, galloping down the beach or out competing (and always bringing home the ribbons!).

This is a woman who should be enjoying every moment of her life, not lying helpless in a hospital bed, drowning in poo.

Kelly won’t be coming home for Christmas. She won’t be laughing with her friends as she piles up presents under the tree and swears at tangled fairy lights. She won’t be singing carols or dancing the night away with a glass of bubbly in her hand. She won’t be sprawling on the sofa with a tin of Celebrations and another James Bond movie on the TV. Her painful and bloated stomach won’t be full of turkey, and won’t get better after a nice snooze and a walk around the block.

Please, please if you are able, make a donation, however small, and help to get Kelly home with Huck, who stands patiently at the gate waiting for his best friend to return.


#Xmas4Kelly - You can also make Kelly’s hospital Christmas a little less miserable by posting your get well messages on her FB page
and by sending her cards and gifts to Kelly Yeoman Ward 8A, Southmead Hospital, Bristol BS10 5NB.
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