Keeping mom around as long as possible!

Hi everyone. I am here asking for help for my mom.

Over the last two years she has had one health issue after another, that had now led to her being confined to home or a wheelchair. She has multiple symptoms and finally a couple of months ago the doctors were able to diagnose her with a rare form of a disease called hypoparathyroidism. It is a terminal disease if left untreated and affects every system in your body.

Her doctors have referred her to a specialist in Florida who can do the treatments she needs, but her insurance won’t cover it because it is out of state. She is a health insurance specialist and has explored every option, but it is a dead end. In order to get the treatment she needs to stay alive she has to come up with a little more than $30,000. It is overwhelming. It is frustrating to watch my mom struggling with the most basic things and know that there is a treatment she can’t afford to get. We live in a time when health care should be available, and it should be something that people have access to, especially if they have insurance.
My mom hasn’t been able to work for 2 years now, and my dad has been disabled since 2009 right after my sister died. My mom worked and supported all of us after my dad was unable to work, but now has used up all her savings, and her medical bills are piling up too. She needs this to save her life, and the only thing in the way is money. I think if there are enough people we can come together and make our small donations literally save her life. My youngest brother is 17 and I have an 8 month old baby who I want to know her, and we all want our mom to be here to see her grandkids and see all the fruit of all the years of hard work and hard things she has gone through. I want to try to help. She has affected so many people and lives and we want to not allow something like this to take her from us.

Please help if you are able. Seriously. Even $5 makes a difference if we all come together to help. Thank you so much!

Organizer and beneficiary

Rebekah Kligmann 
Sandy City, UT
Joan Kligmann