Mother murdered on Fathers Day over dog dispute CT

On Father’s Day, June 19,2022, A dispute between two neighbors over a dog led to the shooting death of two people my sister and her child father leaving behind my infant nephew whom was sleeping inside the apartment during the altercation. Lives have been taken way too soon. She was a mother, a sister, a daughter, and a niece and so much more. She lived only 27 years until a bullet took her life on Father’s Day  for a dispute that could be resolved non-violently but such was not the case. Lives was taken on a day that we should've been celebrating. Gun violence should be avoided, but it is not the case in the society we live in now.

Her immediate family lives many states away from her: Atlanta (Sister) and Kentucky (Us). She had lived a tough, but independent life struggling with deep emotions over losing her mom at such a young age until she found her happiness in her son 4 months ago. We are at a lost, numb and grieving over her unexpected loss of pregnancy also experiencing loss all over again.

Her life was connected too many whose lives will never be the same again from her loss. A fight that should have not happened, an act of gun violence that was avoidable, but due to pride and justice and protection for a mother, two lives were taken.

This is in remembrance of Christina Dang whose life had been labelled as the 20th homicide of Hartford, CT of this year. She is not a number but a person who deserves to be remembered by those who loved and cherished her. Her son deserves to be told of the life she had lived and not by the death that should not have been. This tragic death happen so unexpectedly that we are at a lost for words and any donation made will be to cover Christina funeral expenses along with helping to provide for her son as we are working on custody now.

 No donation is small; everything is appreciated, even if you can’t donate, please share it. Thank you.