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Hello friends!
I've started this GoFundMe page for one of my dearest friends, Kayla.  Anyone that knows Kayla knows of her big heart and genuine kindness. This campaign is to help raise money for an expensive surgery that she needs to fix her jaw before it causes too much damage.  Below you can read her statement, which includes a detailed description. 

All of my life that I can remember, I've had "ugly" teeth and an "ugly" smile! My self confidence has been pretty shot due to that for a long, long time. When I was a teenager, I got put to a dentist that prepared me for braces. The retainer kept breaking, leaving interior hanging inside my cheeck to this day. It was a terrible experience. Alongside with the headmask. I was told ten years later (July ish 2015) that procedure was a waste of time&money.

My jaw was still growing at this time and braces would have been detremental to my smile regardless of straight teeth. My teeth have grown to adjust to the shape of my jaw nicely. It's a little community in there that's keeping me breathing normally and able to chew properly.  To put it lightly, if I had straightened my teeth without Straightening my jaw,  it would have been a huge money waste. 

I decided to be an adult about things and look into braces myself. Called an extremely well rated Orthodontics building in my hometown here & booked an appointment. They were SO pleasent and helpful and full of information.
After taking pictures of my mouth and showing me cool videos about how braces work, I was getting excited! They sent my pictures off to the ortho & told me that hopefully it's not going to be surgery related.

 They sat me down, made some direct eye contact & said they had some things to talk to me about. (nerves)

So braces for a year and a half is mandatory (good!) There is a few payment plans available for that. The braces are $8,800. I am using the payment plan! It's a sum of money a month they directly take out of my account.
 There is also other random expenses like more x-rays, wisdom teeth removal, more consultations, etc. Those I all plan on somehow handling. (around $10,000)  

Where the OTHER  $10,000 comes into play is the required SURGERY I need after the braces.
Where there is no payment plan in place. The money must be paid up front. It's called a 2-jaw surgery and will require my jaw to be broken and put back in place properly.  
Also potentially a widening of the top jaw. 

This entire process is 3 years. I'll be required to be off work for what sounds like at least a month & my jaw will also be wired shut, living on a liquid diet for quite a while!
  The surgery required is out of town (Edmonton. Alberta) to a very highly talked about surgeon.  I've always described my jaw as if it is looking like someone punched me in the face .
The surgery is labeled cosmetic yet is a required process because without it, as time goes on; I will have the risk of nerve damage, tissue damage, trouble breathing, teeth grinding, etc etc.  So that's why I'm in a pickle.  I've yet to find a way to get any form of coverage for this... 

 Out of the approximate $20,000 of total dental debt I'm looking at- I'm putting down $10,000 for request. 

I am having a very hard time with all of this, 10k is alot of money to me. Unreachable.

 I also was just registered for college & had to drop my classes because it was so unaffordable and not knowing exactly when time off for surgery will be.  

I cried at the desk after leaving my appointment. It's scary and seems so out of reach to me! The one thing that has jepordized my confidence for so many years has also been slowly damaging my inside too. It`s infuriating to feel like your `flaw`is winning.

*** I started a blog on my mew journey. Updates&extra info here: https://kaylassmile.wordpress.com/   ***
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