Karen damaged her new Heart

Around 2001 Karen caught a bad flu bug that worked it's way into her heart.  She was on many medications but one day about 10 years later, the Doctor says there is no more in the bag of tricks. We went to UCSF and got turned down on the last test after a week in the cold weather waiting for taxis to pick us up.  They seem to shy away from the wheel chair especially in the rain. 

A month later Cedar Sinai Hospital called and wanted 
to see her.  We flew over and met their Extraordinary,
so well oiled machine that they called the Heart Transplant Team. She was not put on the list until we 
relocated to a Hotel near by the hospital.  

We checked in on Friday, June 12th and by the 26th she had a teen age heart.  I had to stay for 2 weeks before the surgery and weeks after during checkups, physical therapy, etc.  Having to get back to work we hired a 
caregiver (24 hour day pay plus room and board)and she saw to 5 more weeks of physical therapy, checkups and the healing and rebuilding process.  She had lost over 40 pounds during her ten year struggle. 

We we were told by the Doctors that she would be slow to recover but that one day we would call her the Energizer Bunny.  Well, that day passed over 2 years ago. We were starting to build our business again and 
this time we really thought we had a clear path to success. She even danced on the Merry Monarch stage a couple of months ago. But little did we know that her heart come under attack.  This time in the hospital directly after a stress test.  I went to pick her up after a routine test and they told me to go to the ICU.  I was shocked when they told me the news.
Kona Hospital had her for a few days , stabilized her and flew her to the next island.   Kaiser Moanaloa treated and stabilized her and Life Flighted her to Cedar Sinai a week ago Monday. 

I feel so overwhelmed and thankful to GOD at the same time.  But the finances aren't there like they were in 2011.  If they were, I would have left out the same night she did for California.  A few good friends have helped me with money to get me there and some meals but I need more because I don't know how long this will take and still aren't sure if her heart is healing as well as we would want it.  And her lungs have bacteria and they are trying to take care of that today. She has lost blood and they know they have a problem but aren't sure where it is after a couple of tests.  

Medications are not cheap but we had that under control. We don't know what holds in store for us this time. I need to be able to stay for at least two weeks
and I would like to be in a hotel of some sort. My back does not like the cold air in the hospitals. Also, we need to be able to pay some bills at home that if I am not active in my Services Business that we will surely go backwards again. 

For those of you that do not have any money to part with, I fully understand, and would ask that you send up some prayers for Karen.
She was just starting to love life again!

The  picture is of her taking her husband and Dogs to one of her favorite places. 

Thank you!



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