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Keoni's film KAPU "Sacred Hawaiian Burials"

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My Story:

Aloha my name is Keoni Kealoha Alvarez I am a film producer and director. I live on the island of Hawai'i. Currently, I am working on a very important film project entitled "KAPU Sacred Hawaiian Burials”. My Go Fund Me Goal is $12,000 to complete my film project of ten years. The benefits of donating to this documentary will help the cause to save and protect thousands of Hawaiian sitesʻ throughout the islands. This film will bring awareness to Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians alike of how important the burials are to cultures and humanity. This project is important and will be dedicated to the memory of our Hawaiian ancestorsʻ burials throughout Hawai'i nei.

Over twenty years ago I found my calling when I chanced upon a secret cave in the forest near my ancestral home. Inside this cave were iwi, the sacred bones of native Hawaiians from generations past. In the Hawaiian culture human skeletal remains are KAPU, which means it's not to be touched, spoken of or displayed - it is KAPU or sacred. At only eight years old, I could not begin to imagine how this discovery would change my life. Ever since that discovery my family has taken on the responsibility of protecting this precious site from being destroyed by modern development.

 This documentary film will take viewers on a journey into the hidden traditions of burials through the stories from Hawaiian elders. For over hundreds of years Hawaiians have fought a battle for ownership of the rights of native Hawaiian burial grounds, in order to keep the sacred bones of their ancestors safe from harm.

In the late 20th century, my district became the target of developers who sought affordable property on the island. Faced with a powerful, wealthy outsider who threatened to plow through the cave near my home, I found myself in what felt like my own version of David versus the seemingly unconquerable Goliath. The story will take viewers along my journey to realize my identity, heritage, and ultimately my own legacy within the tradition of protecting my land for my people. Until I know what will happen to the property, I will remain the keeper of this cave to prevent this burial ground from going under.

Until I can be convinced that the lands and the history they contain are safe,  I will not relinquish his my responsibility as keeper of the cave. I guard something that, for my people, is more valuable than money: the resting place of the iwi of my ancestors. This is a very important film project to our Hawaiian culture. Your donation will help me reach my goal in completing it. I thank you for your time in consideration and respect of the ancient Hawaiian burials.

 KAPU (TABOO) is Keoni's transformative journey of self-discovery and quest for knowledge, unfolding in the first person. As Keoni delves deeper into the hidden areas of his Hawaiian culture, the audience gains a unique window into secret traditions and comes to understand the real Hawaii–of the past as well as today. Although Keoni succeeds in his personal quest, issues remain for the larger community. 

The film is divided into three acts: Discovery, Quest & Obstacles, and Personal Triumph. In the end, although Keoni's succeeds in his personal quest, the issues remain for the larger community; and Keoni's journey continues. 

For more information about Keoni Kealoha Alvarez visit:

Youtube: Hawaiian in the city
Instagram: Hawaiian in the city
Facebook: Keoni Alvarez

Email: [email modificata]

Keoni Alvarez
RR3 BOX 1043 

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Keoni Alvarez
Honolulu, HI

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