it all started with a kangaroo...

Hello and g’day everyone,

This is a story of a kangaroo (a tragedy but luckily with no death involved, if Shakespeare would define it). Last winter, my friends and I planned on a road trip from Jindabyne to Batlow (Highway B72). Just like other broke scholarship students, we planned the trip to be as low in cost as possible. Therefore, we did not take the car insurance as we hired the car for only 2 days. We were excited with the idea of watching wild kangaroos hopping from the forest, yet we did not foreshadow a

While one of us was driving in the dark, a big male kangaroo popped out from the woods and hit the car. Don’t worry the kangaroo was fine, but apparently, the car was not! Initially, we sent the car to the mechanics (before sending it back to the rental car company), and the mechanic said it will only cost around $500 as the accident was pretty minor (Note: Only the headlight
and front bumper were broken). Afraid other things might get worse, we sent the car back without repairing it ourselves. Yet, the rental car company demanded $4,000 AUD immediately to proceed with the repair. Other international scholarship students like us would understand that we barely have $100 in our account every month to eat, how can we have $4,000 at one

Hence, we decided to borrow the money from a generous friend. Very scared and stressed out to even call our families in Malaysia, we tried to get some money ourselves by selling foods and we did a garage sale at our neighbour. But we only managed to get $200.  We are trying our best to get the money ourselves and not to ask from our parents because that would break their hearts.  $1AUD is equals to RM3.32 (Malaysian Ringgit). So, $4,000 is RM 13,230 in Malaysia. What kind of daughter/son would ask parents that much of money?

Dearest friends,
I believe that what goes around comes back around. This time, I need your generosity and kind hearts to help me to overcome this trial. And other days, when I am afforded enough, I will look back on this day to help others in need. All we need is $3730 AUD to pay back to who lend us the money, which is the amount after we gathered $200 through the garage and foods sale. I am forever thankful for your support and kind thoughts and I hope God protect you wherever you are.

Thank you so much. Take care.

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