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‌There have been nearly 12 incidents in a year in Kasur (a remote town near Lahore, Pakistan) where girls under the age of 10 years have been abducted, raped and later their bodies have been disposed of at a garbage dump site. Through nothing less than a miracle, only one child has survived this unthinkable ordeal; Kainat Batool

Ever since the incident, the 7 year old has been paralyzed waist down, has cigerette burns on her legs and feet, injuries to her head and neck, hasn't spoken a word and is being fed through tubes. She has also been diagnosed with severe PTSD.

She was being maintained at a local government facility in Kasur which lacked the resources to treat a case such as hers. However, with the recent media spotlight, the local government fearing public retaliation, has shifted her to a hospital in Lahore. However, given that Kainat's parent are poor and do not have the resources to manage her recovery, Kainat looks to all of us for help and survival. It is feared that once the media buzz about these Kasur incidents fades, so will the local government's help and people's sympathies and she'll be discharged from the hospital with no real path to recovery. Unless, you and I step up and help her with her physical and mental rehabilitation.

The aim of this fund is to help her manage the expenses related to her physical and emotional recovery, primarily the cost of sustained therapy. Let's ensure that this child can have a future. Please support generously; know that without your help, Kainat, will be lost as a mere statistic.

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Update, on  Gofundme.com’s request, for enhanced clarity and  transparency:

1.      Who you are? – My name is Ijaz Goher, working in Chicago with a Multinational. (LinkedIn Profile )

2.      Where you're from? – I am residing in Chicago IL with my wife and two kids, and am originally from Lahore Pakistan.

3.      Your relationship to the parties you're raising funds for?– Kainat is not related to me, but she is from my country and as a parent I feel for her deeply. You have shown trust in this campaign which is a responsibility I take forward as we help Kainat in her recovery. With this, I would also like to provide some background to this initiative.
Ever since the innocent Zainab's incident came to light, there had been a lot of media focus on this topic. This focus also brought Kainat to the light who, like Zainab, suffered a similar ordeal but miraculously survived. Kainat, had been admitted to the Lahore’s Children’s hospital once before this when this attack on her happened but was later discharged after 20 days or so. Kainat’s parents; father, a daily wage laborer and her mother, a housewife looking after Kainat's two other siblings, were left with no option but to take her home. When her condition worsened she was taken to a much smaller and ill equipped district hospital in Kasur, a small town near Lahore. After Zainab’s incident, Kainat was brought back to Children’s Hospital for treatment. 
Like me and many others, Murtaza Hasan (LinkedIn Profile ), my old friend, was deeply hurt by this incident and while being frustrated and angered, wanted to do something for Kainat. He and his wife visited Children's Hospital and met with her and her parents. Murtaza also met with the police constable who recovered Kainat from the landfill site post the ordeal and I do not have the words to describe the state in which that constable found her. Murtaza realized that it is only a matter of time before this media spotlight shifts and she is sent home again, forgotten and neglected. Something needed to be done for her sustained recovery, education and therapy, which given her injuries, especially her anoxic head injury, may stretch to years of therapy. Many people were willing to help, but unsure of a mechanism of transmission of their contributions along with the final fate of their contribution.

4.      How the funds will be spent? - The aim of this trust fund is to provide long-term direct support to Kainat in the form of special needs education, physical and emotional rehab therapy. Which as per her doctors and given her current rate of recovery would include but is not limited to sustained and recurring payments for:

·         Medical supplies/ adaptive equipment

·         Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for her PTSD

·         Speech therapy

·         Physical therapy

·         Adaptive equipment training

·         Dedicated Nurse

·         Special Schooling

·         Travel to and from Lahore

·         Living expenses in Lahore

·         Other need based requirements solely in relation with Kainat’s physical and emotional rehab therapy and special education needs.

5.      How you intend to get the funds to those in need? - Murtaza, being a banker, decided the best route is to setup a trust fund account for Kainat’s Rehabilitation and Educational needs. This trust account would have one of Kainat’s parents along with other volunteer members who would ensure that the funds are being utilized for Kainat’s rehabilitation and education only. This trust setup will also ensure that the spend is consistent with the intentions of this campaign. Given that setting up a trust fund is a fairly lengthy procedure in Pakistan, to facilitate eager donors, he initiated a local campaign in Pakistan to collect donations using a JazzCash account. A number of people overseas also expressed the desire to contribute. Since I was settled in the US, Murtaza asked me to join this noble cause and setup this GoFundMe campaign for Kainat. Kainat, the beneficiary, is a minor, the trust setup will be the custodian of the proceeds from this campaign. Once her campaign is completed, in the interim, till the trust account in Pakistan is setup and functional, Murtaza will act as the custodian of these funds collected in the JazzCash account in Pakistan and I will be the custodian of the GoFundMe proceeds. Once the trust fund is operational, both, proceeds from the local JazzCash account and the GoFundMe account would be pooled together and deposited in/wired to the trust fund.

This has been my first time setting up such a thing or for that matter collecting money for any cause. I am deeply obliged to all and every one of you for your contributions and humbled by this whole experience knowing that it only took us about 6 days to collect this amount. Your generosity and faith in us is a trust and a responsibility we carry solemnly.

I can understand that you may have questions and may want to follow up. Please feel free to reach out to Murtaza or myself vide this forum or our Facebook pages below:



I will also update when the donations are withdrawn and when we set this trust fund up.

Murtaza’s facebook post is already linked to this campaign.

May God bless you all and please pray Kainat’s complete recovery and a blissful life, amen!

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