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Who we are:

Hey gang, we’re back!!! :)

Since our last GoFundMe we’ve racked up two million plays total across all platforms, written hundreds of songs and had the wonderful opportunity to connect with listeners all over the world.  ALL BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU GUYS DID!!!

We couldn’t have done this without you and we so appreciate you coming on this journey with us. :)

For those of you just joining us, I’m Kady Rain and the Han Solo to my Princess Leia is Ben Bazzrea.  We’re on a quest to make great pop music in Austin, TX and are fighting the good fight!  After three years, an EP, several remixes, and a new single, we’re ready to release some awesome tunes and take this to the next level!

What we’re raising money for:

This year we are expecting to do two tours, release a bunch of music, music videos, and other magical things that haven’t yet entered my brain garden.  BUT -- all of these things cost money, so that’s why we’re here.

How the money will be used:

Here’s the budget for what we have so far:

$3,000: Music Video Budget - We’re looking to do one real music video and then several animated lyric videos by artists that have done work for Adult Swim amongst others.  This isn’t the full cost of the video(s) but it will allow us to get the ball rolling.

$7,000: PR Campaigns - This cost includes PR for digital and physical press, as well as Spotify,, Soundcloud, and YouTube promotion.  This is a big one, songs don’t go viral on their own, someone architects that virality and it takes talent.  I think we’ve put together a mean team of hitters, but when you do something well you get paid a lot to do it.

$4,000: Music - Oh, yeah, did I mention we’re also making more music?!  We’re in the process of finishing a lot of tracks right now but this will allow us to get everything mixed and mastered and sounding juuuuuuust right.

$1,000: Photoshoots - Okay, y’all… I’m over here trying to create a pop empire and these photoshoots are expensive.  Image is everything and I’m here to serve looks.  I have most of my single covers finished, but of course there’s a few more to go and and we have editing costs + THE CLOTHES.    

How soon we need the funds:

If I had a genie in a bottle, I would have the funds today.  Instead, I just have the best fans in the world.  With our powers combined I think we can hit this goal together by the end of April!

Why this means so much to us:

We’ve been on this journey together for three and a half years now, and our last GoFundMe enabled us to get our music into places that I never imagined!  We have a listener base in over 50 countries and our music was streamed over 140k times last month alone and just last month a video that All I Ever Wanted was used in got 850k views in one week!

I’ve always wanted to be a full-time musician and there have definitely been times when I thought, “oh, maybe it won’t happen for me” but y’all get me through the day.  Every time someone tells me they loved my EP, or this or that song is their favorite and they listen to it over and over, it really warms my heart.  Before there’s any money, all you have is the dream and the people who believe in you.  And that’s you.

How thankful we will be:

Look, we really can’t say enough how much we cherish each and every one of you.  This is about us, doing this together, and because of your help, I can make this dream a reality.  Not to get too emotional but I love making music and being an artist so much, I can’t imagine doing anything else.  It’s what sustains me.  I can’t overstate how much it means to me and how thankful I am that we’re on this path together.


Kady and Ben


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