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Hello friends and family. It is with an incredibly heavy heart that I am writing these words. Our sweet Genesis is an angel in heaven now. She was transported back to the hospital on Friday by ambulance. She fought hard but her body just couldn't keep going. She passed away peacefully Friday evening with mom and dad by her side. We will miss her amazing smile each day. Thanks to the generosity of everyone that donated mom was able to be by Genesis' side each and everyday since her diagnosis. She will be forever grateful to each and everyone who donated, prayed and/or sent words of encouragement.
Mom is having to plan her sweet daughter's funeral. Please keep mom, sister and the entire Garcia-Olivar family in your thoughts and prayers. If you are able to help with any donation towards the funeral costs, it would be greatly appreciated. May God bless you all.

Good morning friends and family,

The Garcia family would like to thank you all for your amazing generosity. Genesis has had many ups and downs since being diagnosed. She has been moved back to the Aflac Cancer floor and is being treated there for the blood clots. The infection seems to be a bit better. We went to see her last night, and she is still weak and delicate because of cancer, infections and blot clots. She has completed round 1 of Chemotherapy, so there is a discussion on sending her home before the next round. She has not been able to have surgery to close the incision in her head. If she goes home, it will be with her helmet. She will return for treatment and Chemotherapy as an outpatient. Mom will continue being her caregiver (which means she still can't work) 24/7. Mom and Genesis will be going to CHOA on a regular basis for treatment and other medical needs.

Again, thank you so much for all of your kindness, prayers and generosity. My God bless you.

Hello, on behalf of the Garcia family, we would like to share Genesis' story.

Genesis Garcia is a kind, loving and bright 5th-grade student. She loves art and drawing. Genesis was a happy and carefree 10-year-old until two and a half months ago. She was a fun and cheerful little girl who played with her sister and enjoyed spending time with her family. Then everything changed...

One evening Genesis started to have a horrible migraine. Mom took her to the Children's Urgent Care to see a doctor. They evaluated her, gave her medicine and sent her home. They also told her to follow up with her doctor. The next day, she came to school and seemed off. Midmorning, Genesis started to feel horrible again and, at this time, was feeling weak in her legs. Her teacher sent her down to the clinic, and she was having trouble walking by the time she got there. The nurse called mom. Mom came right up to get her, and by then, Genesis was unable to walk, and her vision was blurred. Mom took her straight to the hospital near their home, and they admitted her for tests and observation. Later that night, after some test results, Genesis was life-flighted to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta to the Pediatric ICU.

At CHOA, the doctors gave mom the results of the tests and MRI. Genesis had a very large brain tumor that was causing all of the problems. They had to do emergency surgery to open her skull and give the tumor some room to relieve pressure on her brain. At that time, they also removed a small amount of the tumor to do a biopsy. She was diagnosed with CNS (Central Nervous System) Lymphoma when the results came back.

Genesis was started on Chemotherapy and now has a team of nurses and doctors through the Aflac Cancer Center at CHOA. She was responding to the treatment but was sent back to the PICU because of infections and a blood clot in her lungs. Her road is going to be long and difficult. At this moment, she still has an open incision in her head.

As you would expect, mom has been by her side 24/7. Dad comes each afternoon/evening to be with Genesis. Mom and dad are no longer together. Xiomara (mom) has been unable to work for over two months. Two weekends ago, mom had to leave Genesis for some time to move their household as she was not able to stay in their current rental. She has now moved to a smaller, more affordable home.

Fortunately, Genesis does have medical insurance to cover her care at CHOA, but they are struggling to pay bills, rent, gas (to and from), and take care of Genesis' sister since mom is not working. Please look within your heart to see if you are able to help Genesis and her family through this truly difficult time. Any amount is GREATLY appreciated.

We are asking for your help to ease the financial pressures for the Garcia family. This will allow them to focus all of their energy on supporting Genesis with what we hope and pray is her road to recovery.

Your support will:

Help to ease their financial burden
Cover the travel costs associated with commuting to and from the hospital each day
Allow them to purchase any equipment required to support Genesis at home
Go towards their bills and other utilities while they are not working
Provide assistance to them and their other daughter with other essential living expenses

If you’ve read up to here, thank you for taking the time, and we hope their experience can help with childhood cancer awareness.

Thank you for your generosity.

Much love from the Garcia family and friends


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