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Dear global family, here I kneel with my hands in the air. As much as I hate to admit it, we need your help again. After successfully returning to the UK from Thailand for further cancer treatments, George has taken a turn for the worst. We are now are using everything left inside us to fight for his life. The thought of asking for more assistance after everything everybody has done for us is really hard for me, but the universe has me backed into a corner and we’re lost on who to turn to. 

First of all, we cannot express enough gratitude for the incredible people in our lives and the outstanding show of support we have been given. If it wasn't for you all, I don't think we would have been here to fight as hard as we have. We will march on. We will keep fighting. We will not let cancer take another.

For those of you who do not know our story, let me paint a picture for you:

We had it all. We were living our dreams on a tropical island in Thailand. Through hard work, dedication and commitment to one another, we were entrepreneurs and our business was booming. George was a resident DJ at one of the most popular music festivals in SE Asia and we had built a life together with a beautiful home, two fur babies (our doggies), an incredible circle of friends and extended family and we were completely in love. Nothing could knock us down. We were living the dream.

One day, at the height of our bliss, George woke to the most intense headache he had ever felt. He shrugged it off as a result of the weather or perhaps he was coming down with a bug. Unfortunately, the headaches got worse. The pain intensified and the fear set in that this was not normal. Something was wrong.

Then it happened. The worst imaginable thing happened that I pray nobody ever has to live with. George woke up one night, covered in sweat and unable to process his own thoughts in to words or make sense of anything that was happening to him. He was paralyzed with fear and pain.

With the strength only found when put in a life or death situation, I got George on my back, pulled him on to my motorbike and I drove as fast as possible to deliver him to the local general hospital. They did the tests, they cleared him of meningitis and then suddenly, almost without warning, we were on a boat being emergency transferred to a nearby island. I had no time to think, no time to process what was going on. I needed answers and I needed George to be ok.
Within hours of having a CT scan, the doctors could see what was going on in his brain and our absolute worst fears were confirmed. What happened in those next few hours, I couldn’t tell you, but the fear, sadness and heartbreak took over when we learned that George had several tumors in his brain.

Miraculously, this did not come as a shock to George. He stood tall and strong and didn’t waiver in his determination to fight whatever was attacking his brain. He had, after all, done it once before.

In 2015, George was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma located on his back. After this diagnosis and removal of the melanoma, his lymph nodes were removed in his right armpit and tested, though they came back clear. With no more signs of cancer, he continued living his life with regular skin checks every three months. He went on to find another malignant melanoma which was also removed, but after a chest and abdomen scan came back negative, no further tests were done. None. No more for a man who had already been diagnosed with malignant melanoma not once, but twice. How could doctors have failed him like that?

George was vigilant with his health and it played a toll on his daily life, frantically heading to the hospital at the first sign of illness. He was determined to live a healthy life – he still is. His desire to live life to the fullest took him to Thailand and put him right smack dab in the middle of my life. He swept me off my feet and he has given me the most amazing life that I look forward to spending the rest of it with him.

After the CT scan showed several tumors in his brain, the doctors located one tumor that needed immediate attention. He was admitted for emergency surgery to release the pressure from his skull and to remove as much of the tumor as possible.  The doctors told us that they suspected that this one, this specific tumor, had spread from the malignant moles that were removed three years prior. He had been living with this cancer for three years, undetected.

We were lucky enough to have such a wonder group of family, friends and even friends of friends that provided the funds to get us back to the UK to pursue further treatment that could not be provided in Thailand. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank each and every one of you. We’re here today because of the outstanding support you showed us in our darkest hour.

Once back in the UK, George underwent a second biopsy surgery as well as 10 rounds of full-head radiotherapy and one round of immunotherapy. He had lost his hair but certainly not his spirit and he managed the symptoms, and pain, quite well.

Then he didn’t. His symptoms got worse and he and his health began to deteriorate.

On December 20th, 2018, I noticed something strange in the way he was walking. His personality had changed and I noticed his reaction in social situations was quite inappropriate. This wasn’t George. Was he drunk? We got him to the hospital knowing that things were not normal only to find out that the tumors had grown substantially. They had grown so much in such a short amount of time that the doctors concluded that the radiotherapy had not worked.

It was on this day, with that discovery, that George was taken off immunotherapy and referred to end-of-life care. End. Of. Life. Care.

This is not the end. This is not his life coming to a close. This is not it for him, for us, for me. If you could see him now, you would know that he still has fight left in him. This is not the end for him and he still has so much left inside, so much left to fight for.

With little help from the doctors and NHS at this point, George and I have been diligent with getting him better the best we know how. We have been in touch with nutritionists and naturopathic doctors who can administer a high dose of Vitamin C through IV, coupled with Dichloroacetate (a promising drug which has proven results with George’s specific cancer mutation). George has started taking very high doses of alternative oils, which have also shown in studied so shrink these specific tumors.  The alternative oils are the only thing making him feel normal at this point. They are the only substance that we have found that allows him to get a full sleep at night, the appetite to eat, and the ability to numb his chronic pain.  We have been told that there is absolutely NO HARM in perusing these treatments for George, and with the chance of it curing him, or at the very least creating the best possible environment in his body to help him beat this, it's worth every shot!

Despite our efforts, George still has good days and bad days. His mobility has suffered but his spirit has never wavered and to this date, he has not shed a tear. Why cry when you’re going to beat this thing? George has been a rock and has held strong, eating well and finding reasons to smile each and every day. That George, that George is the George who is going to come out the other side of this. That George is the love of my life and the man I will stand by. That George is the one I am asking you all for more help to cure.

We are determined to keep going with the Vitamin C IV, the Dichloroacetate, and the alternative oils but these treatments are not covered with NHS and are extremely costly.

·         £9,100 for a years’ supply of Vitamin C given intravenously every two weeks

·         £200 each month for Dichloroacetate

·         £500 each month for his alternative oils

·         A constant supply of supplements and fresh organic goods to keep him healthy and strong

This is what we’re staring down the barrel of for George. And this doesn’t even cover it.

For myself, I am a Canadian citizen, here in the UK on a tourist visa that expires at the beginning of April I am unable to work on this visa and, even if I could, my full-time job is being George’s primary care giver. I am with him 24/7 and he is under my constant supervision and care.

George is my life and at this moment, I am his. We cannot afford for me to leave the country to apply for another tourist visa and I have been told that I need a ‘’compelling and compassionate’’ visa that will allow me to stay in the UK to continue to provide George with the best possible care I can. This visa. This visa to stay with my partner, my love, my everything in the most vulnerable time of his life, will cost me approximately £2500.

We need help. We need your help. We need the help of anyone willing to listen to our story. The doctors and NHS may have turned George away, but we will not go quietly in the night. We are here to fight and we need you to please help us fight. Please donate to our cause and prove to George that he is never alone. Please donate to save George’s life.

‘We gotchu’

**If you would like to read more about the treatments, Vitamin C, or Dichloroacetate, please see the links below. The best group of people is an informed group of people.

Here are some links to the research we have found on Vitamin C IV:

Here is a link for The IV Clinic that we are registered with,  and the nutritional therapist and functional medicine practitioner that has been supporting us:

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