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Justice for Kaytie and All of Petaluma's Animals

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What it’s about.
This GoFundMe is intended to assist my father Mark Kimberly in his efforts to protect the animals and pet owners of Petaluma by exposing the abuses and illegal acts of the Petaluma shelter, the local animal shelter, under the current Director. My family, our pets and many others have been victimized. Many of us victims have come together and spent countless hours investigating cases and presenting evidence to Petaluma City Council and Petaluma Animal Services Advisory Committee and asked them to initiate a thorough investigation into the petaluma shelter and to put a stop to these crimes. But the city council turns a blind eye and does nothing. The abuses just keep going. So we had to resort to filing a lawsuit. My Father has already put up $10,000 of his own money for legal fees. But it’s more than he can afford. And by the time we get to the end of this, the legal fees will far exceed that amount. He can’t do this alone.

Who was Kaytie?.
Our cat Kaytie was 18 years old. Our family LOVED HER. We kids grew up with her. She was an indoor / outdoor cat. Inside at night, outside in daytime. She loved to hang out in my front yard with several stray cats that have adopted our family over the years. We took care of them too. We put out food and water twice a day, purchased electric heated cat houses for them for winter time, etc. Kaytie liked being with them. But every day when my Dad would get home from work and park his truck out front, Katey would run out to greet him like a dog! She was outspoken and pushy and loving. She would purr so loud when you petted her. And she was a little drool factory once she started purring. HA HA HA

What happened to Kaytie?
Well the Petaluma shelter picked up Kaytie from near our house one Friday evening at 5:45 p.m. and under the orders of the current Director, they euthanized her less than two hours later. Her collar was off. He thought she was a stray and no one would know. But my father found out that she had been picked up by animal control. Once he found out what happened he confronted the director about it and all he could do was make excuses. He said he didn't know she had an owner. He could give no decent reason for putting her down. All he could do was to hand over Katey’s dead body in a cardboard box.

What we discovered.
So then my father did some research and found there are laws about this. Under California law the shelter that picks up a dog or cat must hold them 4-6 days to give the owner time to find them. And if the animal needs medical care the shelter must provide that care. The only exception is if the animal has been so badly injured, or is so terribly sick that it is "irremediably suffering." Meaning it’s impossible to save the animal. Well there was no such problem with Kaytie. She had simply wandered off down the street. All she needed was to be given a little food, water and a warm place to wait until we could pick her up. But instead of that, they killed her thinking she was “just a stray.” She would have been better off if they had just left her alone so she could just come home on her own.

Stonewalled by NBAS.
My father also found out they must do a medical exam before euthanasia so he went back and asked for a a copy of that. But the current Director refused. He actually blocked Dad on this exam report at every turn although as the owner he was entitled to a copy of it. The Director obviously didn’t want us to see what was in the report. The only way we finally got it was when Dad spoke before the Petaluma City Council and Petaluma Animal Services Advisory Committee about what the director of NBAS had done. Dad adamantly insisted on receiving a copy of the report. And he finally received it. The medical exam made it clear there was no injury and no legitimate reason to euthanize Kaytie. Yet the NBAS director ordered it anyway. In fact the paperwork shows he ordered Kaytie to be euthanized before the exam was even done!

Public outrage, the cover up begins, and lies multiply.
Well once this story was shared on Facebook there was a big public showing of outrage. People were blowing up the phone of the city council and NBAS. So what happened next? NBAS fabricated a story about how neglected and what poor shape Kaytie was in. All lies! They made my father out to be the bad guy. Then they blamed the vet that did the exam, saying she recommended euthanasia. But the paperwork clearly shows she did not recommend that. The NBAS director himself ordered it illegally. And guess what else the paperwork shows? That same dirctor actually told the vet that my Father himself wanted Kaytie euthanized!!!!! A vicious evil lie!! But it’s no surprise that this person, Director of an animal shelter, who himself has had four warrants issued for his arrest for not licensing his own dogs, would tell such a lie.

The allegations.
This was just the beginning of a saga of more and more investigation which led to a stunning mountain of evidence of wrongdoing. Alleged abuses include:
Failing to provide the legally required medical care for animals that need it.
Failing to hold animals for the legally required six days, and euthanizing them instead.
Falsifying records about how many animals are euthanized.
Falsifying records prepared for the City Of Petaluma to show an abnormally high live release rate.
Falsely advertising themselves as a “no kill shelter.”
Illegally euthanizing dogs that are brought in by people who are not the dogs owner.
Cruel treatment of animals by the NBAS Director
Showing favoritism in regards to prosecuting or not prosecuting owners of vicious dogs that bite.
Showing favoritism in regards to prosecuting or not prosecuting people who commit animal abuse
Failing to perform the legally required “rabies hold” on dogs that bite.
Equipping their animal control officers with firearms but neglecting to insure those officers do the mandatory quarterly requalifying for safe use of firearms.
Fraudulently obtaining a Covid bailout loan for $92,500 which includes $17,344 for rent, when they only
pay $1 in rent for the space they occupy.

What we’re doing about it. But we need your help.
My father has retained an attorney and a lawsuit is imminent against both the Petaluma shelter and the City of Petaluma for Kaytie's wrongful death. The goal of the lawsuit will be to force the city of Petaluma to launch a proper investigation by the internal affairs division of Petaluma Police Department into the alleged criminal conduct of NBAS. And to conduct a forensic audit of animal care records and financial records of NBAS. And to put a stop to the criminal wrongdoing and animal abuses that will certainly be exposed as a result.

Inexplicable inaction by the Petaluma City Council
To do this in the courts is the now only way, because for some inexplicable reason the city has turned a blind eye to this situation. They won’t act. The public outcry is growing stronger. Honestly the inaction by the city is one of the most disturbing and unexpected things that has occurred. It’s almost like they’re being influenced by someone powerful or some powerful group that doesn’t want the truth to come out. But it will come out. More comes out every day. However I strongly urge all those concerned to email the city council members, mayor, and other officers. Here is a simple link to do it all with a click. (Click the blue button in the middle of that page to email all at once.)

Any donations to this fund in excess of legal fees will be donated to an animal shelter that actually earns the
title "No Kill"


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