Justice for Jarvis Lykes

My name is Kathy Scott-Lykes, I'm the mother of Jarvis "Scottie" Lykes who was murdered by Georgia State Trooper Michael Nolen on December 29, 2017 in Columbus Georgia. My son was enroute on his way to work that night when he noticed a DUI checkpoint and decided to turn around and go in the opposite direction to get to work on time. The State Trooper saw my son make the turn around and got behind him. In his report, he stated my son tried to flee from him.  My son turned in a residential area and ended up on a dead end cul-de-sac where the State Trooper blocked him in and got out of his cruiser with his gun drawn on my son. The trooper stated my son got out of his car and as he attempted to walk back to his car, the State Trooper attacked my son from the back, while my son was bent over inside his car trying to find something in his car. The State Trooper was not injured or had to recieve any medical assistance.
 The State Trooper reported he ran to the back of his cruiser as he watched my son searching in the car. When my son raised up from his car, he had his hand raised up in the air with a object in his hand. The object was his cell phone. My son died that night because The State Trooper shot my son in his upper right arm. The bullet ricochet through his chest that hit both his lungs and heart. The bullet did not exit his body.  There was no body cam or dash cam video footage of what happened to my son, no other police officers on the scene, no expert witnesses or citizens witnesses, The District Attorney by the name of Julia Slater in Columbus presented the case on May 7, 2019 in front of the Grand Jury and only two witnesses testified, Georgia Bureau Investigator Agent, who spoke on behalf of the State Trooper, and her Investigator. The District Attorney did not present the case in open court , but instead she had it in the Grand Jury room. The family was not allowed in the Grand Jury room to listen to what was being testified of what happened to my son. She did allow us to come in after the testimonies was given to speak on behalf of my son. The State Trooper was not charged, indicted, convicted, or sentenced.
I have been fighting for JUSTICE for my son and I am in need of financial help to retain an attorney.  The attorney we had for over 2 1/2 years decided to withdraw from the lawsuit after stating the case was not winnable. This attorney is also a Police Commissioner in Fulton County District Five in Atlanta Georgia. I have researched so much in hope of finding another attorney to continue the lawsuit, only to find out other attorneys do not want to clean up another attorney's errors in a case. 
To this day, I still don't know what happened to my son on December 29, 2017.
I'm also seeking for my son's case to be reopened with the New District Attorney, Mark Jones, because I feel my son case was not adequately handled or represented by the previous District Attorney Julia Slater, who had held that office for 3 terms. He won the election last year and took office in January of this year.
I'm desperately asking for whatever you can give or donate to help me continue fighting for my son, 3 daughters and 1 son he left behind. No amount is to little or to big. Thank you so very much in advance.


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Kathy Scott-Lykes 
Columbus, GA