Justice for Alex VanDalsen

Lafayette Indiana 

Alex left home at 1144pm on 2/3/21, we searched , no assistance from the police.  It took them over two hours to even answer 911 call.

Sadly on 2/9/21 at app 1pm Alex was found deceased , both police departments failed to investigate and just ruled it a suicide despite there being major issues with that conclusion. Biggest being the entrance and exit wound. 

But the detective didn’t come until 4pm that day to notify me, his story at the time was that “there was no obvious signs of trauma so we had to wait until the autopsy to know what happened “ we planned the funeral arrangement based on that lie which meant we had to change those arrangements when we found out. He also lied about where Alex was found. 

The detective had no reason for his lies, he tried to claim he wasn’t on scene so he took info from others which we later learned was also a lie. 

Alex was almost 10 miles from home in less than 20 degree temps and a lot of snow on the ground , no way he walked that far especially with his asthma. 

Police failed to do a GSR test , they threw away his clothes , they did not test the weapon (9mm) that was found under him (which also does not make sense as to how it landed under him) 
They claim the entrance wound is 6.5X6.0 and the exit is 1.5X1.0 - does not make sense as the exit would be larger than the entrance.

No shell casing was found despite the police claiming they searched even with a metal detector for two hours , no blood splatter at the scene (head wound would’ve produced a lot) 

LT with the city police claimed that they did not do a GSR test because they no longer do them.   He also agreed he felt the body was posed like I had said but he claimed to change that opinion “when further details came to light”. However he would never say what those details were ,  I believe that is when the county was called due to a city officer recognizing Alex from our missing flyers. Once county was called it seems all city officers that were investigating stopped.  No history or anything ran on the 9mm, no inventory of it , no testing to see if it had recently been fired.

We are asking for donations to help get the case reopened and the cause of death reclassified. We need justice for Alex!!
#LGBTQ #truecrime #notsuicide #badinvestigation 
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