Jurango, the Animated Fantasy Series

Do you love watching fantasy movies and shows? Do the shows you watch make you hungry for more? Have you ever wished there were even more fantasy shows around to watch? Well, here is your opportunity to get in on helping to make that happen and to be part of making my animated series possible!

Would you consider helping me out? A donation of even the price of a ticket at the movies can go a long way to get my project over the finish line!

About Me
I am the author of the Amazon best-selling fantasy series, “The Dragonbonded Return.” And while I thoroughly enjoy putting my imagination to the written word, my true joy continues to be putting my fantasy adventures and stories to visual imagery and animation. As long as I can recall, I have dreamed of writing, directing, scoring, and producing my very own fantasy films. I am ready now to turn this dream into reality!

The first fantasy adventure animation I will produce is one I call “Jurango,” the story of a young, inexperienced cleric who finds himself assigned to a citadel (Jurango) on the far-flung fringes of a once great and ancient empire. He arrives prepared to do his part in protecting his failing homeland but soon discovers instead his arrival has set in motion the final stage of a powerful enemy’s long-laid plans for invasion.

You can find out more about this series on my website: jurango.

Plans For the Series
With a draft of the story complete, I will begin directing the actors, scripting the animations, scoring the music, and rendering the animation sequences in early 2023. I am committed to following a proven 3D animation production pipeline: one that will ensure the final result meets the highest possible standard for quality and realism for the budget I have set. Each of the episode will be rendered in UHD wide-screen video, and released on Vimeo, which offers high-quality, ad-free viewing.

Need for Funds
So far, I have invested about $8,000 of my own money purchasing the necessary equipment and software to write, direct, and produce this series (mostly computer hardware, 3D software apps and plug-ins, and 3D models). But to get me over the finish line and complete the first season in a reasonable timeframe, I need at least $7,500 of additional funds. Below, you will find details about how donations will be put to use.

With a donation of any amount, you can help me make the first season of this animated fantasy series as amazing and realistic as I envision it can be. And in appreciation, with your written consent, your name will be listed in the closing credits of each episode for supporting this formidable visionary project.

Your Donations
With your contribution, of any amount, you can help me make the first season of this animated fantasy series as amazing and realistic as I envision it to be. In appreciation, and with your written consent, your name will be listed in the closing credits of each subsequent episode.

Further, with your donations, I will share a link giving you an exclusive inside look at the story, the scenes, and the music as they are developed.

Status and Progress on the Series
Each month, starting in January 2023, I will post updates to this GoFundMe page showing the progress I’ve made on producing this series, itemized expenditures for the funds, and links to the episodes as they are released. So, stay tuned here!

You can find more details about the series, the characters, the sets, and the music on my website: www.jurango.org. (Just please keep in mind that the site will be under development into January 2023.)

If you have any questions, please write me directly at this email address: [adresse courriel retirée]. And be sure to include "Jurango" in the subject line. I’ll respond to all inquiries as soon as possible.

Thank you for helping give these characters voices, and bringing their fantasy adventure story to life!

Breakdown of Funds
> $2,500 will be explicitly reserved to hire local talent (e.g., local university/college drama students) who will provide character voices and facial animations. I am estimating 100 hours of actors' time at $25/hour.
> $2,500 will be reserved to purchase a new desktop Windows-based computer. This hardware will have the fastest CPU, GPU, memory, and SSD technologies available for this price range, allowing me to render the series’ episodes while continuing to work on character and set designs, animation sequencing, music scores, and other computer-intensive activities.
> $1,500 will be reserved to purchase additional 3D models, software, and animations.
> $700 will be reserved for marketing the series on social media platforms.
> $300 to purchase a Vimeo Standard plan (one year) for viewers to watch the series ad-free in high-quality video/sound.

All donations over the $7,500 minimum will go to supplement further development, more marketing, and starting the series’ second season already in early pre-production.

Dons (7)

  • Diana Grotewiel
    • $100 
    • 4 mos
  • Lloyd Anderson
    • $25 
    • 11 mos
  • Vicki Watchorn
    • $200 
    • 11 mos
  • Agapi Svolou
    • $200 
    • 11 mos
    • $100 
    • 11 mos


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