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“Help keep the love alive for the underground…. Juice Magazine is an independent voice for the underground and we need your help keeping it alive. You are part of our family and we want to keep the family connection going and keep making more magazines for you into the future. Juice has been independently publishing and keeping it punk for 26 years. Please help keep Juice alive – keep the voice of the people alive and independence alive.” – Jim Murphy, Juice Magazine Skate Editor

This is Shannon Smith, aka sk8mom, from Charleston, SC, with a call to kick down:

Hello skate family and other advocates for our culture,
Juice Magazine has been instrumental in communicating/expressing our culture in an honest, raw way and has never been compromised or sold out. To our great advantage, they have always found a way to get the information, inspiration and stoke to us come hell or high water. 

Now they could use a little back up, so please donate…

Our friend, Terri Craft, started Juice Magazine with $500 and a dream, and it has become an ongoing experiment of how the independent spirit can thrive and survive. Juice's commitment to our culture has let us all enjoy the results of their passion, along with the help of the talented and dedicated contributors, advertisers, subscribers, editors, writers, photographers, designers, skate shops, surf shops, music stores, friends and family, which are the backbone of Juice. 

Juice has always stayed true to our culture. Terri and Dan are down to fight the good fight, rep the rippers and do whatever it takes to support us. They have been continuously pursuing this mission independently for over 26 years and this is largely due to the love and support our community shows to the cause. Juice is the embodiment of our surf/skate and music culture – constantly giving back and supporting our scene and skate fam.

As they were on the way to printing their upcoming edition of Juice Magazine, they were hit by the effects of the suspension of business due to the coronavirus pandemic. They have managed to survive the last two months, but now they are in a FINANCIAL CRISIS and need your assistance. They have applied for a variety of federal, state and local assistance, but none has come through yet, and they have a $48,000 line of credit that is maturing, which will crush the business and, as a result, crush their dreams and our core source of connecting with our surf/skate/music family from coast to coast.

They absolutely have to be able to repay this or it's over and we simply cannot let that happen...  There are so many of us, that it does not need to go down that way. 

Please check out the following. A good deal of this you may already know, but there is so much more you may not… Below are accolades, write ups, straight facts of their ongoing work and how much has been achieved in our scene over these past 26 years. All of these successes and achievements have happened because of their work to honor us all. 

You know what you gotta do - so thanks in advance and keep rollin.





"When I started Juice Magazine 26 years ago, you could count the number of skateparks on one hand and grindable pool coping was mostly a distant memory. Now there are thousands of skateparks all over the world, along with a vast quantity of DIY spots built to skate. In 1993, the majority of skateboarders listened to punk rock or hip hop exclusively. Now skateboarders listen to almost every kind of sound created. Two and a half decades ago, skateboarding related charities were non-existent. Today, there are numerous non-profits giving back to skateboarding in many ways. One of the most important differences between now and then is that, 26 years ago, there was a clear division between old school and new school skateboarding. Now that wall of separation has followed the same path as the Berlin Wall, allowing for an unprecedented unification of skateboarders all over the globe. Great strides have been made for girls that skate as well as the acceptance of skate history and long overdue recognition for skateboarding’s pioneers and its artifacts. At the same time, the current generation of skateboarders is taking skateboarding to new heights, previously unimaginable. As the landscape of the skateboarding industry changes on a daily basis, and skateboarding in the Olympics nears reality, the disturbing subject of who controls skateboarding is constantly being tossed about by corporate entities. As the Juice mantra goes; pools, pipes and punk rock, no one controls skateboarding except skateboarders. Skateboarding is as diverse as the skateboarders that are addicted to it and the State of Skate is strong. Now get out there and skate tough!" 



Terri Craft has been at the helm of Juice Magazine since founding it in 1993 and she has not wavered in her pursuit to preserve the cultural significance of our beloved arts through the ancient archiving format of talk story. Her unbelievable passion to keep Juice Magazine alive for over two and a half decades with no major investment is a testament to her all-in attitude and uncompromising loyalty to documenting skateboarding/music/art and surfing. Juice Magazine is more than paper and ink. It is a beacon of authenticity to skaters, musicians, artists and surfers all over the world. Over the years, Juice has grown into more than just a print magazine, and Terri, with her DIY attitude, figured it out by learning how to build a website, make merchandise, throw events, raise money for charities, help get skateparks built in NYC and Venice Beach and more, all while putting others before herself to keep the celebration of our culture alive. Terri is not one to ask for this type of help, however, after all she has done for all of us, we are asking for your assistance on her behalf. With your help, Juice Magazine will remain an independent voice, shining the light on those who deserve it, while remaining a forum of open and honest communication for us to share our love for skateboarding, music, art and surfing worldwide. Skateboarding is the family we choose and when you have family you can get through anything. 

Juice Magazine now needs your help to keep music, surf, skate, art journalism and advocacy alive during this difficult time. The COVID-19 virus has shuttered the Venice Beach Skatepark as well as live music and cultural events here in Venice: including many of our music venues, bars and restaurants; festivals and concerts; art shows and skateboarding events. The virus has also temporarily suspended events at our Venice Beach based location and our print edition of Juice Magazine is temporarily on hold until Barnes & Noble resumes accepting shipments of magazines, so our ability to stay alive is threatened.  

Your donation will help us to keep Juice Magazine up and running and help to keep our skateboarding, surfing, art, music advocacy alive and strong. 

Please consider a donation, and thank you most gratefully!




Here are just a few words of kindness and encouragement that have kept us going over the years…

“JUICE has the Juice. More than a magazine. A community of humans that do it! Juice is BADASS!!!” – CHUCK DUKOWSKI

“JUICE is the truest mag out there period.” – TIM JACKSON

"I can’t believe how great the interviews are in your mag. It’s like the Surfer’s Journal of skateboard culture. Thanks.” – GREG ESCALANTE

“Juice Magazine– the only skate magazine used by the Smithsonian Institution (the largest museum and research institution in the world) That’s right- Juice is the best, the only, the smartest, the last word.” – BETSY BINCKLEY GORDON – SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION

“Juice is the best skateboarding magazine I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen them all.” – JIM BARNUM – SPECTRUM SKATEPARKS

“Good job people! Finally a mag that doesn’t just ooze industry/corporate sleaze from every page. Good idea to interview people who build and do stuff rather than just the new flavor of the week shoe pro.” – RED 

“Everyone has the same opinion of your mag it's the best damn mag anywhere!” – STEVE HERRING

“You’re doing a good job with Juice. It reminds me of the early days of Thrasher.” – FAUSTO VITELLO

“Thanks I just got the Mags & it looks Killer, Really Nice Job you guys!” – WES HUMPSTON

“STOKED on JUICE!!!! Rippingest MAG Out!!!” – SKATE STANDARD

“JUICE IS THE BEST – I’m so happy to finally have it and proud to be allowed to distribute it in Europe.” – VOLKER LUX

“Thanks a lot for the anniversary issue. It’s always a big thrill to discover a new one ! You’ve raised a kind of Dream Team through the years and you’re now so far away from other trivial publishers, that there’s no comparison possible. Skaters will never thank you enough in this time of corporate bizness. Keep it pure!” – CLAUDE QUEYREL – MARSEILLE, FRANCE

“I seriously commend you on such a great fuckin magazine. Keep the old school interviews coming. I wanna know what’s happened to everyone one story at a time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Juice fuckin rules!” – BRUCE ADAMS

“New issue is so sick!!!!! Been reading it for days and still haven't gotten thru all the killer interviews!!! Keep up the good fight!!!” – BACKDOOR SKATE SHOP

“I’m proud of you guys for keeping your magazine ‘for real’. Skateboarding isn’t just jumping over things or just pool riding for that matter. That’s one of the cool things about skating. There’s so many different ways to do it. With all the new bowls and skateparks that have been made recently, I believe skateboarding might even change back to where style made a difference. I’m sure the future rippers of our sport will get their start in the parks just like the pros of the past. Guys like Cab, Hosoi and Hawk all grew up in skateparks and I’m sure these new parks will produce many new future rippers of the same quality. Your magazine reminds me of Thrasher when it first started. Keep up the good work and tell it like it is.” – JAY BOY ADAMS

“Another great issue! I read the thing cover to cover to cover to cover and it will still take me a few months to fully absorb the thing. I know y'all go through hell trying to get each issue out but no other rag comes even close!!! Kill photos! The interviews are unreal. The Best Mag in the world. You guys rule the pool!!!!” - MERK

“Juice is a crucial contemporary and historical source for the whole skate/surf/punk rock/art scene worldwide and founded, owned and edited by Terri Craft along with the multitalented Dan Levy. They are based in Venice Beach and create Juice with a totally independent spirit and approach to living life with an artistic integrity that is hard to maintain these days.” – DOUG MENUEZ

“Juice is a lifesaver for me – the super long interviews and sheer amount of information in Juice has got me through many a long subway commute here in Japan. Cheers mate! Kind Regards.” – ROBERT – JAPAN

“G’day guys. Dependably awesome work. I have just gotten through the first cover to cover read of the last issue and I must say again that it will be well reviewed until I can scope the next. I just can’t get enough. Thanks again for making real skateboarding information available. You never fail to leave me speechless. You are the truth, the life and the hopeless skate-addicts lifeline to Utopia. Thanks again.” – BARRY STRACHAN – AUSTRALIA



Juice Magazine is dedicated to documenting the heart and soul of skateboarding, surfing, music, art and culture. Through its print magazine, website, social media, skate contests, music events, art shows, Dogtown Chronicles, Alva Collection, Duty Now For the Future Series, Bones Brigade Chronicles, Mid-Atlantic Sound Surf & Skate Symposiums, Juice Surf Skate Culture Collection Shows, Five and Alive at Riverside, Venice Skatepark Contests, Guinness World Record Wall Ride, Juice Drop In Shows, Juice Live, Venice Skateboard Culture Experiences, fundraisers for charities and skateboarding events, and its commitment to help get a skatepark built in Venice, California and raise funds for Andy Kessler’s 108 Riverside Skatepark in New York City, NY, Juice has endeavored to support the surf/skate/music community worldwide for over a quarter of a century. 

In 1993, in Wilmington, North Carolina, the first issue of Juice Magazine was created with a $500 start-up investment. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from UNC-Wilmington, Terri Craft saw the need for a magazine with extensive coverage of the burgeoning music, skate and surf scene. The music, surf, and skate combination soon grabbed hold of the marketplace and the Juice presence was established. After write-ups in Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, Thrasher, TransWorld Business, TransWorld Skateboarding and Entrepreneur, Craft was even more encouraged to pursue her dream. 

From the start, Juice has focused on unique content, and discovering unsung talent in the music, skate, art and surf communities while paying respect to its pioneers and innovators. With street teams spreading the word, Juice firmly ensconced itself as an essential periodical for the surf/skate/music audience and expanded its distribution to the entire East Coast. In addition, Juice launched the first Juice compilation CD, in 1995, and participated in numerous trade shows including SxSW, Surf Expo, Magic, and the CMJ Music Marathon, as well as the debut of the Warped Tour.

In June 1996, Juice created its first annual music and sports conference, the Mid-Atlantic Sound Surf and Skate Symposium. M.A.S.S.S ‘96 included over 100 bands, 30 pro skateboarders, an independent film festival, music seminars, and interactive Internet broadcasting by SonicNet, which attracted top music industry executives and over 7,000 attendees.  

In July of 1996, Juice Magazine launched a second Juice office in New York City, and immediately attracted over 80 freelancers nationwide. As a direct result, Juice strengthened its editorial voice and established new relationships with national advertisers. After expanding distribution, Juice witnessed immediate response as the national ad ratio increased from 20 to 50 percent. Juice also dove into one of the most challenging markets, New York City, and successfully progressed from a regional to a national publication with retailers across the country in 41 states, as skate legends, Jim Murphy and Andy Kessler, joined the Juice team as Skate Editors.

In 1997, Juice hosted the second annual M.A.S.S.S. showcasing 175 bands, skateboarding demos, a fashion awards show, recording industry mentor sessions, surfing contests, a VW smash-up and dune buggy show and an additional outdoor stage. The Juice skateboarding street course and Juice vert ramp featured professional skateboarder Tony Hawk as well as over 40 other pro skaters.  As a result, attendance at M.A.S.S.S. 1997 sailed over the 10,000 mark. Sponsors, Pepsi-Cola, Miller Brewing and Eastern Skateboard Supply were extremely pleased, as was the community, as millions of dollars in hotel and restaurant revenues poured in for the week long event. In NYC, Dan Levy joined Juice as Assistant Editor and Ad Sales Director bringing expertise as a skateboarder and skatepark owner to the team.

In 1998, planning began for Urban Phenomenon, a monumental music concert and skateboarding event, which took place at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, site of the 1932 and 1984 Summer Olympics. Juice was chosen to organize the skateboarding for this landmark occasion, gathering together over 110 of the world’s best pro skateboarders. The concert featured Run-DMC, Brand Nubian, 808 State and Mix Master Mike as well as the Red Bull vert ramp and became a launching ground for the Tony Hawk Pro Skater Video Game. 

In September 1999, Juice Magazine expanded once again with a new office in the heart of multi-cultural and creative Venice, California, in order to more fully capture the advertising base on the West Coast. Due to this expansion, without additional staffing, the publishing schedule was modified from eight to four issues per year in order to continue to make the best magazine every time. Juice also stepped in to champion the fight for a public skatepark in Venice, developing relationships with the City of Los Angeles and working to strengthen bonds in the local community. 

Beginning in the year 2000, Juice went from 48 to 116 pages, and increased ad to content ratio from 30% to 55%. In June 2000, Juice began its foray into documentary filmmaking with a 7-day excursion to Hawaii with skate and surf legends including Tony Alva, to capture footage for “Along For the Ride.” At the same time, a dynamic line up of surf and skate legends joined the Juice editorial crew, including: Steve Olson, Jay Adams, Christian Hosoi, Jeff Ho, Herbie Fletcher and Dibi Fletcher.

After seven years of being a free publication, Juice made the transition to a paid circulation in December 2000 with an introductory cover price of $2.00. In February 2002, Juice was picked up for newsstand distribution by one of the largest magazine distributors in the country, servicing over 9,500 locations, including Barnes & Noble and Borders. Juice also began distribution with a specialty distributor for independent book and music stores at $3.99 cover price. After one issue on the newsstands, revenues increased again. Skate legend, Dave Duncan, also joined Juice in 2002.

In 2004, Juice invested in an extensive website and began to build its social media audience across multiple platforms. Juice began to increase international distribution in Germany, Japan and France. Juice also presented the first ever Guinness World Record Wall Ride Contest for skateboarding at Hollywood + Highland, in Los Angeles, California.

In 2008, circulation was adjusted from 30,000 to 25,000, after the closing of Borders, and the Juice print publishing schedule and advertising rates were reconfigured in reaction to the economic recession hitting the country. In response to this reality, Juice introduced consulting, public relations, event planning and social media services to its repertoire. 

In October 2009, the Venice Skatepark officially opened in Venice, California, an astonishing victory at the end of a long fight to make the skatepark a reality. Juice helped to organize the Skatepark Grand Opening with the City of Los Angeles, and began hosting frequent skateboarding events and contests. 

In 2010, Juice launched its event series, the Juice Magazine Surf Skate Culture Collection, featuring contemporary and vintage skateboard collections, photography and artwork, transforming the Juice office into a skate/surf/music/art exhibition space. These cultural events also served as fundraisers for Venice locals and non-profits in need of support. 

In 2011, Juice began an exclusive collaboration with award-winning filmmaker, Stacy Peralta, providing behind the scenes documentation of “Bones Brigade: An Autobiography”, from its first days of filming to its debut at the Sundance Film Festival. Through this exciting partnership, Powell Peralta became one of Juice Magazine’s biggest advertisers, in print and online. 

In 2012, Juice Sk8Tracks, a digital sampler of punk rock music, was launched to introduce new bands as well as current releases from punk rock legends including Jello Biafra, Wayne Kramer, Fishbone & Meat Puppets.

In 2014, Juice developed a collaborative relationship with an artistic conclave called the California Locos: John Van Hamersveld, Norton Wisdom, Dave Tourje, Gary Wong, Chaz Bojorquez, Shepard Fairey, Mister Cartoon, Estevan Oriol, RETNA, SLICK and Robert Williams. This project resulted in a variety of events, video projects, books and art shows.

In 2015, Juice launched an online video interview series called “In The Van” in collaboration with revered punk rockers, The Loud Ones. The series finale was celebrated with a Loud Ones concert at Juice headquarters in Venice, California.

Juice expanded its outreach into radio in 2016 through a project with Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols, and KLOS 95.5 FM’s Jonesy’s Jukebox Show at the L.A. Times Festival of Books featuring Juice editor and surf/skate icon, Jeff Ho.

In 2016, Juice launched its own TV channel on Roku introducing Juice TV to viewers worldwide through a partnership with Barons Media. Juice TV features surf, skate, music and art shows and short films, as well as its “In The Van” series.

In the summer of 2016, Juice partnered with internationally-released documentary, “Made In Venice”, featuring the story of the fight to get the Venice Skatepark built. While providing publicity services and social media campaigns, Juice also participated in multiple sold out premieres with the film’s Producer, Dianne Lerner, and distributor, Abramorama.

In 2017, Juice was thrilled to work with Shepard Fairey, Glen E. Friedman and Jeff Ho for a behind the scenes video to inform the surf/skate/music/art audience about a special collaboration print featuring the godfather of Dogtown surf & skate. Once the print launched online, it sold out in less than three seconds, one of the fastest selling prints of all time.

2018 also saw a vast expansion of the Juice Live Shows on, including Juice “Drop In” interview shows filmed live from the Juice offices in Venice. The Juice Live Webcam, which offers a 24 Hour A Day live feed from the Venice Beach boardwalk, one of the biggest tourist attractions in America with over 30,000 visitors daily, saw continued growth in 2018. In another expansion of Juice brand awareness, AirBNB Experiences selected Juice Assistant Editor, Dan Levy, to host a rare insider look at Juice world headquarters in Venice with his Dogtown Cultural History tour, which includes a behind the scenes look at the Venice Skatepark and brings international visitors to Juice offices daily. In 2018, Juice partnered with Adidas for Beyond the Streets, the definitive showcase of street and graffiti art in 40,000+ square feet of immersive exhibits celebrating skate, graffiti and music in Los Angeles for a four-month exhibit and sold out shows.

In 2019, Juice joined forces with Robert Trujillo to present OTTTO, featuring Tye Trujillo, Brian Ferretti and Jonah Abraham, at the Juice 25 Year Anniversary in Venice Beach sponsored by Vans. In 2019, Juice collaborated with Vans and provided a set location for the Tony Alva Story movie with actor, Josh Brolin. Juice also hosted the Tony Alva movie premiere at the Santa Monica International Film Festival. 2019 also saw Skull Skates launch a Juice collaboration with limited edition skateboards and apparel celebrating Juice 25 Years and Skull Skates 40th year.

In 2020, Juice continues to add to its client list, with the addition of The Waterfront Venice and The Winston House, two of the most popular hotspots in Venice Beach, California, and was in the process of planning a series of skateboarding contests and music events in California and beyond, when the coronavirus hit... 



Juice has always believed in giving back. As a result, Juice has proudly hosted and donated time, labor and funds to:

• Dave Matthews Easterfest 1994, a sold-out 15,000 seat benefit raised funds for the Wilmington Boy’s Club 

• Soulforce 1995 raised funds for Habitat for Humanity and built two houses in Wilmington, North Carolina.

• M.A.S.S.S. 1996 raised funds for Wilmington Youth Center for Boys and Girls 

• M.A.S.S.S. 1997 raised funds for Wilmington Youth Center for Boys and Girls

• Five and Alive 1998 raised $6,000 to build ramps for the Riverside Skatepark in New York, NY

• Urban Phenomenon 1999 launched the Tony Hawk Pro Skater Video Game with 10,000+ attendees and fundraiser.

• Dogtown & Z-Boys Documentary 2001 premieres, art shows and fundraisers with exclusive Juice coverage. 

• Venice Skatepark Fundraisers and Contests were organized and hosted in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. 

• Jim Muir Benefit in 2009 raised money for Dogtown Skateboards owner, after he broke his neck surfing at Zuma.

• Jesse Martinez Benefit 2010 raised funds for Martinez after he was injured in service of the Venice Skatepark.

• Stronghold Society One Gathering 2011 benefited Native American youth. 2011 American Cancer Society Fundraiser

• 2012 Marginal Way Skatepark Fundraiser and Andy Kessler Art Auction Fundraiser for AK Foundation 

• 2013 Rockn Xmas Toy Drive to Benefit Upland Fire Department Spark of Love Toy Drive & The Belle of Baldy

• Exposure Skate 2014 Women’s Benefit to raise awareness for domestic violence and fundraise for Carol’s House.

• 2015 Dave Tuck Jam Memorial and Andy Kessler Memorial Bowl Jam and Skate For A Cause for Sheckler Foundation

• MUSE School Board Riding Program introduced its scholastic skate program in 2016 with exclusive coverage by Juice.

• Made In Venice 2016 movie tickets and merch sales raised funds for the Venice Skatepark Foundation.

• Made In Venice East Coast 2017 premiere with Juice raised funds for the Asbury Park, New Jersey public skatepark.

• Blood and Steel Documentary 2017 Premiere in Los Angeles sold out and raised funds for the film’s distribution.

• Juice promoted the California Locos Masters of Style Art Show & Fundraiser in honor of art icon, Greg Escalante.

• Juice Surf Skate Style 2017 fundraiser for Wounded Knee Skateboards to give skateboards to Native American youth.

• Juice worked with Up Mountain Switchel in 2018 to raise funds for Native American Reservation skate programs.

• Venice Annual Ladies Jam 2019 was proudly sponsored by Juice to support women’s skateboarding for all ages.

• Juice partnered with The Waterfront Venice for a vital 2019 fundraiser for the Venice Skatepark and Jesse Martinez.






Thanks to our subscribers and readers and to all of the shops that carry Juice Magazine. Thanks especially to our advertisers, because they have stood with us and made a change  and support the culture we all love and live. These are the amazing companies that have contributed to bringing you the next issue of Juice Magazine and we are eternally grateful for their love and support and hope you will support them and thank them as much as we do. Thank you Powell Peralta, Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, Bones Brigade, Vans, Embassy Skateboards,, Skull Skates, Speedlab Wheels, Made In Venice Movie, Saltrags Skateboards, Rainskates Wheels, Graphics Lab, Anaheim Skateboards, Venice Skateboarding Stuff, Factory 13 Mfg,  Future Sk8, Carver Skates, LA Skate Co, Wounded Knee Skateboards, Jeff Ho/Zephyr Productions, Astrodeck, Beer City Skateboards, Black Flys, Alva Skates and Dogtown Skateboards. Documenting our scene and preserving its authentic talk story is one of the most vital things to continuing the scene and fueling it with fire and tradition into the future. Thank you for allowing Juice the honor of sharing these intriguing stories and conversations with you and thank you for your donations.

VENICE, CA 90291


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