JTD Foundation Annual Freedom Walk

Come Join us for the 4th Annual JTD Foundation Freedom Walk!!!

Schools are the place that help children connect, learn, explore, fall, get up, and make long-lasting memories, all by joining dot after dot. From the first syllable that a kid learns to the first ball that they throw, from their first origami bird to their first homework, schools are an integral part of growing up and at Joining the Dots Foundation (JTD), our mission is to make schools the most favorite place for children. No child deserves to be forgotten or get less opportunities when it comes to academic and curricular growth. Our very purpose is to make sure the Government school students in smaller cities and villages get facilities that are at-par with that of bigger cities. 

As every year we are are organizing our 4th annual freedom walk and like always we are also creating a fundraiser.  All the funds collected will be used to build a sports arena (playground), majorly for the games of Hockey, Basketball, Handball, Tennikoit and Kho-Kho, in Zilla Parishad High School (ZPHS) for schoolgirls in Baireddipalle of Palamneru, Andhra Pradesh (India). Dhananjay Ramakrishnappa will be taking this 120 kms journey over 3 days starting 12th August 2020. 

As we strive to build a better and brighter tomorrow for children, we are calling out to each one of you to join hands with us and help us build dreams, one brick, one equipment at a time. However, considering the adversities that the general public might be facing right now, we have set ourselves a much humble target of INR. 5,00,000 this year.

With this sports arena, we hope to see the bloom of tender smiles on the faces of young girls of Baireddipalle. Your contribution, small or big, will truly be a reflection of humanity’s resilience.

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