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When parrots first joined my family I purchased a pair of Scarlet-chested grasskeets for breeding. Within a month both birds had died of conditions — directly linked to malnutrition. I was devastated and vowed to not let their deaths be in vain. This turned my focus in aviculture away from breeding and began my 22 year journey of researching, studying, writing a monthly column in Parrots magazine, called the ‘Holistic Parrot’, and putting into practice everything I have learned about balanced exotic avian nutrition. I now know that deaths of these two beautiful birds could have been prevented by feeding a balanced avian food plan.

(Above photo: a pair of Scarlet-chested grasskeets, hen - left, male - right. They are the size of parakeets - budgies)

Now, two of my friends and me are ready to transform the Healthy Bird Project into a registered nonprofit in the state of Nevada, with your help.

The eight Budgies, pictured above, were especially breed (by Christine Sexton a hobbyist breeder in Citrus Heights, California) and donated to me for the Healthy Bird Project’s first Long-term Health and Longevity Feeding Trial.  

In the Healthy Bird Project, all the avian nutritional information that I have amassed is being put into practice with a wide variety of different parrot species.

The Healthy Bird Project is the only program that conducts HUMANE exotic avian nutritional research. Our work is already improving the health and well-being of parrots and finches where their caregivers are following and feeding our 'Balanced Exotic Avian Maintenance Diet Food Plan'. Exotic avian malnutrition is the leading cause of illness, disease, feather destruction behaviors and early death in parrots and finches.

Funds will be used for two purposes:   

1. To pay for quarantine expenses, the initial bird vet visit, physical exam and blood work and travel costs for the eight young budgies that have been specifically breed for this Long-term Health & Longevity Feeding Trial. We expect the initial vet visit, exam and blood work to run between $250 and $300 per bird.     

Our vet appointment is March 25 th. Having these funds before then is GREATLY appreciated.                                                                             

2. And, to pay for expenses for filing the documents to establish the Healthy Bird Project as a nonprofit entity in the state of Nevada. Also, creating the Healthy Bird Project website (essential for IRS nonprofit status) and for filing our nonprofit application with the IRS.                      

The Healthy Bird Project is the first HUMANE program for gathering and documenting information on how feeding a properly balanced food plan contributes to the health, well-being and longevity of parrots and finches.

The Healthy Bird Project conducts HUMANE avian nutritional research because we do two things: 1. The birds we personally work with, we keep long term, and we become their forever home. And, 2. The off-site members of the Healthy Bird Project are regular people, just like you. These people have joined the Healthy Bird Project to ensure their birds are fed the highest level of balanced avian nutrition possible, and because they are committed to ending avian malnutrition by sending in regular documentation on their results. 

We are seeing the healing of feather destruction behaviors, the normalization of beaks (beak overgrowth is a sign of malnutrition) and the improvement of a wide range of disease conditions (details will be posted on the new Healthy Bird Project website). The information we log creates a scientific database for the proper way to feed a wide variety of parrot and finch species.

In the scientific community it is common to do three things when doing an avian nutritional research project. First, to purchase birds for a specific study, maintain them for that time period, then euthanize the flock and necropsy them. They are treated like throw-away animals. Parrots are too amazing to be subjected to this type of treatment 

Secondly, these feeding studies are all done 'short-term'. It is common in the scientific community that if a food keeps an animal alive for 60 to 90 days, they consider that a successful feeding trial. No consideration is given to the health or overall wellbeing of these birds. And no consider is given to the long-term result of feeding said food.

And thirdly, these studies often have a control group of birds that are fed a substandard diet, often of dry seeds, that causes malnutrition creating symptoms of illness and disease.

Here at the Healthy Bird Project we believe these common scientific practices are appalling. 

Every parrot or finch in the Healthy Bird Project is treated with respect, dignity and is given the best care and highest level of balanced nutrition possible. Each bird in the Healthy Bird Project is loved and cared for as a valued feathered family member.    

We will never have a control group of birds that are fed a diet that we ALREADY KNOW harms parrots and finches.  

Please donate to support our cause and be a part of our grassroots movement in conducting HUMANE exotic avian feeding trials and research. If you have and care for parrots, you will benefit from the information we gain. If you love parrots then you'll want to support this landmark HUMANE and Ethical Exotic Avian Nutrition Study.

Join us in creating the future.
Help us End Avian Malnutrition and improve the health and well being of our amazing feathered companions and those in aviaries. Help us pay for the vet expenses for these eight wonderful budgies. And help us establish the Healthy Bird Project as a viable nonprofit while assisting in the creation of the Healthy Bird Project website.

Thank you, we are very grateful for your support!

Thank you for helping me fulfill my life’s work.

The wellness of your birds is my passion,

Leslie Moran

About Leslie:
Recognized as being a skilled and effective healer, she is adept at using a balanced food plan, that serves as the powerful foundation for healing, as she combines natural care knowledge, alternative healing methods, and intuitive insights to help resolve health or behavior imbalances for animals of all types. 

Being a well-published journalist, her articles have appeared in numerous regional, national, and international publications. These include feature articles in Australian Birdkeeper magazine, Bird Talk, Whole Cat Journal, Whole Dog Journal and Petfolio (Reno, Nevada). Leslie has written feature articles and her monthly column, ‘The Holistic Parrot’, for Parrots magazine since 2002. She writes from her facility in northern Nevada.
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Leslie Moran 
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