Josh Wood's 1 year of recovery therapy

Since his accident in 2000, Josh and his family have totally funded his rehab costs, spending in excess of $1 million ... the only exception was $32,000 that was raised for him to attend Project Walk. Josh and his family have consistly mentored people suffering this injury, all over the world, never charging for their advice, but now he needs your help. He hasn't had any recovery therapy for 2 years as he has not been able to afford it. The result is, his body is wearing out and he will not be able to keep going without your support. A little bit about Josh and his story....
Josh Wood was born in 1981 in Frankston, Melbourne, Australia; from the moment he could move he was active. He rode a BMX bike before he could walk, this set him up for a life of action sports. Graduating from high school he pursued his dream of becoming a professional snowboarder. Josh was 18 1/2 years, when he changed his destiny forever, while attempting an aerial snowboard jump, something went horribly wrong, he brutally crashed onto an asphalt road at a ski resort.
Josh was admitted to hospital a complete quadriplegic at C5, C6, C7, T1, despite the medical team’s prognosis, that he had less than a 3% chance of any recovery, adamant he would never get out of bed due to the severity of his spinal cord damage, it was if he had died on the road that fateful afternoon. Knowing his doctors would mend him not heal him Josh and his mother Kay worked tirelessly to prove the medical world wrong. Defying all odds, he rose up and through self-healing methods and determination, 4 1/2 months after his accident, he “walked” through the doors, of the rehabilitation facility.
Presented with his new life, Josh with less than 5% of his spinal cord functioning, is bringing his powerful message to scores of people who face similar challenges, he has taken his message to the corporate world, motivating athletes, inspiring children in schools.
Josh turned the impossible into the possible!
Josh is a published author, recently releasing his "gut wrenching" book RELENTLESS walking against all odds. He is sought after as a motivational speaker, and mentor; Josh is an inspirational advocate for self-healing. Josh’s message is about the power of self-will, the resilience of the human spirit and the value of being RELENTLESS in the quest to NEVER GIVE UP, on your goals.
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