Hurricane Harvey Rescue Fund

I'm Joshua P Coutu from Parker, CO. I have no direct relation to anyone affected by this Hurricane, but as everyone knows, Im a huge animal lover and would do anything to help any animal in-need. 
As everyone knows, Hurricane Harvey has been catastrophic, to say the least. After hearing so many stories and seeing so many photos of the damage its already done, I've decided it's my turn to step up and do what I can to help. Ill try keeping this as short and direct as possible. 
I found a boat that I can borrow from a friend here in CO & tow to the city of Beaumont to help rescue humans and animals, as their city needs the most help at this time. I have a few friends willing to travel with me.  We will be driving my personal vehicle. We are only waiting on some answers from the local authorities in that area as to how we go about helping. This will not be an easy task, as well, it will require a ton of items to be used, which will cost a lot of $.  
We will need to borrow as many gas cans and coolers as possible to transport gas and the food we will be eating while we are gone, which we expect to be at least 4 days. We will not have the luxury of buying anything down there as their city is underwater and we will literally be living in the boat from the time we arrive until the time we leave town. Things we need $ for are as follows:

- gas = $700 (low estimate of $450 in driving fuel (over 30 hours round trip) and another $250 in boat fuel (3 days on the water)) approx. 2500 drive miles and 4 days worth of boating mileage. 

- food and water from costco = $400 minimum ( cases of water, gatorade and boxes of protein bars and other dry "meal replacement" type foods), the more $ we have, the more we can buy and donate to shelters when we get there.
- big first-aid kit  = $100
- dog kennels =$250 (5 @ $50 each via amazon)
- pet food/litter = $300 (10 bags total @ avg. $30/ea.. cat and dog food)
- life vests = $250 (min of 5 @  $50 ea)
- boxes of diapers for babies in the shelters = $150

-List of things we can most likely borrow from friends: (any of you have any of these items to loan us??)
- gas cans (at least 10 x 5gallon ones or similar)
- coolers (3 large ones or similar)

I will need as much help as possible, especially with $ as this is all out of pocket. Im asking everyone for anything you can help with, hence the reason for this go fund me page. I only put a $3000 # in the goal box to satisfy the system so I can set this up. All $ will be used to buy the necessities listed above , then anything over that will be used as cash donations to shelters in Houston & Beaumont. I will keep a record book & receipts of all purchases and donations that will be made public once completed. If we cannot make this trip, I will either refund everyones donation to them or donate the $ to the shelters in that area. I will personally contact each and every one of you to ask what you want to do at that time. I've never once asked anyone for help with $, and hate doing so, but right now its needed! 

We are hoping to leave by Sunday 9/3/17. If we cannot get out by 9/5/17, then this trip won't happen as I wont be able to get away after that. I will then contact everyone that donated and ask you what you want me to do with your $. I will then withdrawl the $ to my bank account and then send it back to you in whatever way you prefer, ie., paypal, venmo, check, money order etc., if that's what you want me to do.

Thank you all for your time and consideration!

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Josh Coutu 
Parker, CO