Albee & family vs Stage4 cancer

Please help Albee fight CANCER He and his family battle with Stage 4 (advanced metastatic ) Cancer. We have reached the critical juncture of TN Flare season intersecting with Cancer treatments.

The envelopes don't ever stop, amazing what is not covered even with decent insurance or only 85%, think it's time to cut a few things like these expensive scans. TBH I'd love to stop getting treatment envelopes too. So so so many meds getting pumped into the system, cannot be good for the human body.

Also, trying to come to grips with having a "terminal disease" with naysayers pointing out the reality of the statistics of someone at this late stage. That said, I 100% believe with all my mind, brain, body soul that I can heal to reach the coveted "No Evidence of Disease" NED. Main reason is for my family and second I am no way cut out for nor onboard with a very slow degrading path to death.

====yet on the flipside========
Despite all of it, we press on. Sun rises, and so do we to try and try again.

#Resiliency continues towards using this journey as a FORCE for GOOD, BUT we remain in a hunker-down mode where Health maintains to be top priority. Some days are just so hard. Most of the 3Bs activities are on a very, very slow track until we can get through the next few months. I can feel Spring already rumbling way beneath earth's crust.

Still extremely determined to put all this horribleness to good work to build and launch - a virtual space and launchpad, where we can lead, inspire and mentor others to learn to LIVE again and LIVE WELL around their chronic, incurable, "unpleasant" conditions. Its just taking so so so much longer than I would have ever imagined.

WHY? this VERY second there are so people around the world who are getting the traumatic news of some sort of lifelong, horrible condition and being forced to decide "is there a path forward for me, or should I give up?"

I say no matter how terrible it is, there is a path! With, we can show them the battle-proven path and be living examples for others.

HOW? Contribute here via gofundme or venmo @Albeeda3rd (the last 4 digits are 8286 --> QR code below) or *NEW* Angelink (this is a women-founded, women-fueled fundraising platform focused on diversity & inclusion) or ping for details to send a check

Who is Albee?
+ A loving husband #grateful married to one of the most beautiful souls on this planet
+ Active disabled Dad to two amazing young creatures who are going to take this world take this world by storm
+ Brother, Uncle, Son, Mentor
+ seasoned #chronicpainwarrior and Survivor living with Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) + Anesthesia Dolorosa (AD), who is now battling and slowly beating back a body full of metastatic CANCER being an example to the world to prove that anyone can learn to LIVE and LIVE WELL around ANYTHING life throws at you.
+ in the #nevergivein spirit - transforming into an Author, an Adaptive / Disabled Golfer, a Speaker, a Mentor, a startup advisor, a Community Volunteer, Public Safety Officer, and now an Unstoppable Warrior Leader.
+ Chief Cancer Killa

Longer Backstory
10 years or so back, he lost the war against TN, along the way he battled it so hard that we caused the dreadful AD. I was left by my choices & the medical community to "learn to live with" both TN & AD (get the entire story when the first book comes out, despite all this finishing a book to help others)

Each day he tried and failed & tried and failed & tried and failed... I got knocked down, then got kicked while he was down, then got back up and got knocked down and kicked again over and over. Many, many days he could not even try to get back up to try again (this happens, again and again, esp after treatments), but with strong commitment & resolve to humankind he continues to use each day as a learning opportunity and put it to good work.

He began documenting and iterating on the key learnings that we ALL need to enable ourselves to NOT give up and just take a few tiny steps trying to learn how to LIVE and LIVE WELL again around the most devasting circumstances. This is the book!

"I am making an unrelenting commitment to YOU, my family, the God & Universe and humankind that no matter how bad the day is I will make it to the end of the day (or even call it day early), then if the next morning if the Sun rises (even behind the clouds) in the East so shall I, to try and try again. " Albee circa 2011

I accept that I cannot control the waves of nastiness and intense fatigue, but I can use the energy and time I do have around it to have immense amounts of direct, positive impact on the lives of many, many others. Albee, circa 2022

Before the stage 4 cancer diagnosis, he had started writing this first book that outlines the core tenets of ==> #BeStrong #BeWell #BeKind as the Battle-Proven Path to Living Better Today and as this book goes into editing loops for a few months, we need to build a bridge to the future and launch now.

Also, he truly believes and heard the Universe / God say, "nice try on the book, but it needs to be a LOT better! Let's give it another go such that you get it right this time." So he did and has been traversing the journey once again:

Chasing symptoms --> Getting the News --> Sharing the News --> adjusting to cycling through to find the meds and treatments that work --> Sharing the Updates --> surviving through the grief of letting go of your previous life and finding meaning within it all --> turning the page on the previous chapter and embracing the new LIFE

The cancer treatments are brutal enough, but when they intersect with the TN flares, it can be nearly unbearable, but he is LIVING the 3Bs and it's working!!! We are literally doing what they told us could not be done. We have already killed off a fair amount of the far-away metastatic lesions and shrunk the tumor, but still have a long way to go.

Need immediate financial help to bridge through this fight such to use this journey and all its goodness (-: to have a direct, positive impact on millions and millions of others and their loved ones, including and not limited to:

  • medical bills (our portion after insurance adds up) and house expenses
  • veggies - tons and tons of fresh veggies to help aid the treatments to fight this beast
  • complete Book1 "the Battle-proven Path to Living Better Today"
  • build out the website
  • create and launch actionable eCourses and workbooks
  • start the Podcast, the YouTube & Tiktok channels, and the social media channels pages - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

Any help or support is GREATLY appreciated!

Lastly, if there is anyone in your world who could benefit from our help, don't be shy to reach out, no soul shall be turned away.

Swear on my life, literally, I won't let you down!
BeStrong, BeWell and BeKind,

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