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John Heilman runs for LGBTIQ Rights

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Since 1999, I’ve been running marathons to support great causes. This year I’m not running a marathon, but I am running two 10Ks and a half marathon at the Gay Games in Paris. I am also setting a personal fundraising goal of $20,000 to establish a Global Emergency Fund with OutRight Action International for LGBTIQ activists around the world.  

I currently serve on OutRight’s board of directors. OutRight Action International is an amazing international LGBTIQ human rights organization. OutRight is dedicated to supporting human rights for LGBTIQ people throughout the world and has been doing everything possible to respond to the attacks on our community. When LGBTIQ activists are under attack, OutRight is there to respond. With my help, OutRight is setting up a Global Emergency Fund for LGBTIQ human rights.

While we’ve made significant progress in advancing equality for LGBTIQ people in the US., progress has been much slower in other parts of the world. In fact, homosexuality is still a crime in over 70 countries, and in some places, it is punishable by death. It seems like every month, there is a new attack on the LGBTIQ community somewhere in the world. Last year in Chechnya, gay people were rounded up and imprisoned. In Egypt, people attending a music festival were arrested for waving a rainbow flag. In Tanzania, LGBTIQ people are even denied access to medical care. In Central America, transgender women are subject to unspeakable violence some of it perpetrated by government officials.

Last year was one of the worst for global LGBITQ movements. LGBTIQ people have been subject to mass arrests in Chechnya, Egypt, Indonesia, Tanzania, Azerbaijan and beyond. Often governments are complicit in violent attacks on LGBTIQ people.  And the attacks are only increasing. In response, OutRight provides emergency support to individuals and groups to get them to safety and to help them fight back. 

Unfortunately, OutRight has limited funds and cannot respond to every emergency situation. But you can help. Sponsor me this year and support this important project and help me reach my $20,000 goal!


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