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Johnathan Marsdens - Battle with Brain Tumour

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I never thought I would be sitting on a plane coming home from seeing neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Teo, with the shock news of my son needing urgent brain surgery to remove a tumour. Neither did I think I would be posting a message like this asking for your help. 
So my son Johnathan was living an active and healthy life, training at State level for AFL and about to set off to compete in the national cricket championships in Queensland, whilst studying Year 11. On the night of celebrating my daughters 18th birthday on the 24th of July 2018, Kirra (my daughter) awoke to my son having a major seizure, which was a massive shock to us all, as he had been blessed with great health up until this moment. We then had to fight to have anyone in the medical profession take Johnathan's health seriously, after being discharged from hospital, telling us it was probably just a once off event. 
We later discovered Johnathan had a brain tumour, which as shocking as it was hearing this, we were told that it was a slow growing tumour and with the right dose of medication his seizures would be controlled and he would possibly be able to live his life with no need of surgery.
That was until July this year, after a game of football (in which he was cleared to play and encouraged by the specialists) Jono suffered an increased number of seizures with 10+ in only 24 hrs. After visiting hospitals and specialists in Tasmania and Victoria looking for clear information and convincing options, I eventually took Johnathan to Sydney to see world-renownedDr Charlie Teo for his expert opinion. Knowing that the operation and care plan through him was something I could not financially afford, but desperate for answers and help. Charlie discovered what other doctors and specialists had not, the alarmingly rapid rate the tumour was growing. Charlie said the tumour had grown 2mm in 3 weeks when something like this should only grow at approximately 2mm per year… this makes the operation far more urgent. Charlie and his team have outlined as clear as they possibly can, a confident plan of what he recommended to be done without wasting any time as this could definitely compromise the outcome. I am still in shock with the news of the unexpected growth - 30% increase since January to July and a further 20% increase from July to September of which no doctors had found or informed us of. I now understand the total urgency that Johnathan needs immediate surgery to remove this brain tumour. 
So I am writing this call of help, on behalf of my son and our family, I am not asking for anyone to contribute to a nicer car, a holiday or anything like that, simply to be able to get my son the best help available as he is in the fight of his life.
If surgery is successful Jono should be able to continue on with his studies and playing the sports that he loves next year. Cost upfront for the surgery is $100,000, not to mention the travel and accommodation, as recovery is at least 3-6 weeks in Sydney (which with some prayers and kindness of others we could lock in a date for surgery within a week). I am obviously going to come up with as much money as I can, but this will still be way short of the $100,000+ required. I believe that this is Jono’s only option to have a fighting chance of leading a normal life.

See below link for gofundme page, we have set up to try and make donations as easy and transparent as possible. Any monies raised over and above what is required will automatically be refunded by gofundme.
I thank you for taking the time to read this and any financial assistance you can offer would be greatly appreciated and never forgotten.



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