Joe's Proton Radiation Therapy

Joe was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer during an emergency room visit at Loma Linda University Hospital, with what he believed was a severe case of gall stones. A biopsy revealed the unfortunate diagnosis. A CAT scan revealed there is no metastasis outside of the tumor, meaning Joe is an ideal candidate for surgery. The medical team will first use proton radiation treatment that is targeted directly at the tumor. They will do five sessions of proton radiation therapy and after five sessions they will re-test to reassess the medical and surgical treatment plan. The medical team has been ready to start with their proposed treatment since day one, however the insurance has denied the proton radiation therapy twice even though his medical oncology team views this specific treatment as the best treatment option for Joe.  And as we know, the window of opportunity, specifically for pancreatic cancer requires quick action. So rather than holding back his treatment, we have opted to take out a bank loan in the amount of 22,511.73, to move his proton radiation treatment forward. We can' tell you just how relieved we are knowing treatment has now began. Yes! Thank you Lord! These past 50 days or so, have been the slowest days of our lives waiting for a positive response from the insurance, that never got here. So we have taken charge of Joe's treatment, and now the loan must be repaid and as some of you may know Joe is now retired, and living on a fixed income. So we are sharing this with our friends, family, and co-workers to ask for your prayers and if at all possible, for your support with this fundraising campaign. Joe and the Nunez family THANK YOU and know God will Bless you and yours with health, and prosperity for your kindness. Please share this page with your family, friends and co-workers to generate further prayers and support, THANK YOU.


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Veronique Nowrangi
Beaumont, CA

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