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The Joe Monti Medical Bills Fund

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This fund was created to help cover the deductibles and medical costs not covered by insurance.  

Joe's knee has the tibia broken/split behind the kneecap and may require surgery. A break like this is most complicated because it's in the area of the leg that will determine how he's able to walk in the future. It'll require much therapy and 6 to 8 weeks initially to heal and if there's surgery even longer.

Since the bulk of his living has been from physical comedy magic , which requires full body movement, an injury like this could determine if he can continue with his specialty for future work.

A Note about the Organizer

GoFundMe by default assumes that the organizer receives donations. However, this account was created such that the only withdrawal can be initiated by Joe Monti. He is the only one with administrative withdrawal rights. As for Mr. Mayfield, he is a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary. He volunteered his time to get this fund rolling.


  • Paul Mykietyn
    • $100 
    • 7 yrs

Organisator und Spendenbegünstigter

Eric Mayfield
Los Angeles, CA
Joe Monti

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