Support Alexandra to become UKs 1st Deafblind Doc

My name is Alexandra Adams and I am just 2 years away from completing my dream of becoming the UK’s first deafblind Doctor. 

I am fundraising here to support my living costs for my final 2 years of medical school, which will allow me to finish my course.

I knew that studying Medicine was going to be challenging.  I knew that studying Medicine with multiple disabilities would be even more challenging.  But I never imagined that I would find myself suddenly being made homeless, after recently being discharged from a long stay in hospital. 

In the middle of this pandemic, I now have nowhere to live, as I can’t afford any alternative accommodation on my own.  As a result, my ability to complete the course and get to the finishing line of my Medicine dream is now very much at stake, and I am devastated.

I am also researching to see if there might be any other funding support options available but right now this funding page seems to be my best option to try and secure my future.

I have been reluctant to set this page up until now, because I know that so many other people are going through far worse in these unkind times, but friends, colleagues, and my wonderfully supportive social media community have all strongly encouraged I set up this page, so here I am!

As someone who is shielding in the middle of this coronavirus pandemic, I am in desperate need of finding somewhere to live that is both close to my teaching hospital and that has all the required setups that meet my specific accommodation needs due to my health conditions and disabilities. 

This is so far proving impossible because I find myself without the finances to cover this, as a result of being made homeless so suddenly.  If I can’t find the funds to get me somewhere to live for the last 2 years of medical school, I will have no choice but to cut short my Medicine journey – something I have worked so hard, for so long, towards.  I have explored so many other avenues but can’t seem to find any other solutions – and this is where I really need your help.  

I have come through many bumps in the road, through experiencing setbacks discriminations, and ill health in the ICU, but this latest hurdle is something that I simply cannot resolve, and the thought of having to give up on my dream after 4 years of studying is not something that I ever thought I’d have to contemplate.

Anything that you could donate to help me continue my journey and fulfil my dream of becoming a Doctor would be incredibly appreciated – I would be forever eternally grateful to each and every one of you that even reads this page!

Outside of medical school, I have shared my journey of being a deafblind medic far and wide, through social media, my blog, public speaking, a TED talk, and I have recently finished writing my first book, which I hope to share with you all soon. 

You can find out more about me via the links below. 

Thank you ever so much for reading my story and an even bigger thank you for any support you are able to give me – I am determined to fight for my Medicine career, so that I can help so many other people, until the very end!

Ted Talk

WE Day March 2020 

BBC News 

ITV News 

The Times

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