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James Cebastien - Jim - In His Urgent Time Of Need

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For Jim, who's terminally ill, battling COPD/Emphysema/Congestive Heart Failure/Diabetes.

A personal request for a friend in need,
Jim is a talented musician and pianist, a former resident artist at The Ritz Carlton in Chicago for many years, along with many amazing endeavors throughout his career. His joyful life in the arts and music was his passion and soul, yet now, he is in a turbulent financial burden, far beyond his management and sorrow.  
I’m writing this letter to everyone who can understand the intensity of this man’s care and daily battle for life. I was blessed to have met Jim in 1980, when we appeared at Sages in Chicago and my first long time Musical Director, along with becoming an amazing friend. Jim has always embodied the true character of a good man, professionally and personally to those who’ve been in his presence. I have many sincere and only wonderful impressions of him that cannot be measured in the time I’ve known him.
Jim is entering into hospice care with several financial constraints from being terminally ill. There are obstacles yet to come and he cannot support himself in any manner and I have taken a voice in this concern. As a special person in my life, he would love to have his friends and those who know his story to embrace this time of his need.

As a dear friend or a fan, I’m sincerely asking for your assistance and kindness in his current journey. So, if you could give up a Starbucks coffee for a week or a month, whatever well spent money, please consider my sincere request for a dear friend. This funding page is for whatever the donation amount, do so in name or anonymously. No amount is unworthy to lend a helping hand.


  • John Cooper
    • $50 
    • 5 yrs

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Denise Tomasello
Chicago, IL
James Cebastien

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