Jill's Surgery

Thank you for any help you can give, prayer and or financial. 

Our need:
Jill has a surgery scheduled September 12 for a craniotomy. We have Medishare for insurance. The surgeon is accepting them as "in network" and will process billing after surgery. The hospital wants us to pay their portion and the anesthesiologist up front before confirming and moving forward. Medishare's policy is to not pay upfront (I don't blame them and understand). Medishare is going to contact the hospital and see if they can convince them to make an exception. We are currently sitting with an up front cash payment of $59010 which needs to be paid imediately. They are giving us a 50% discount. There is an urgency because every week that goes by greater symptoms and problems develope for Jill. 

Whats going on with Jill:
My wife Jill Salter, has a Pineal gland cyst that has to be removed. November 2016 she started having dizziness and struggled with remembering things. We weren't sure what was going on but kept an eye on the symptoms that would come and go. March 2017 Jill had symptoms that resembled a stroke. We took her to Shands ER where they ran EKG, Cat scan, and other tests. They told her she had vertigo. Our family doctor sent her for an MRI. The results came back "clear". However the symptoms became frequent and resembled seizures, happening every week or two and left her with several days recovery each time. In March of 2018 she started having bad "seizure" episodes that would last up to four hours and no less that one hour but the residual effects would last for days. She would have slurred speach, couldn't answer basic questions, slowed motor skills and extreme dizziness. We took her in imediately for another MRI where we were informed a cyst they previously found had grown 40% in one year. Since then what we thought were seizures have been identified as pressure on the brain and what happens is the brain shuts down till it can cope again. These cysts can also cause hearing and vision loss which she has recently started experiencing. She now has these pressure episodes on average once a day lasting one to four hours. Jill has been unable to work for  over a year. Performing basic household tasks can be a major challenge as well. The surgeon Dr Dong Kim in Houston has some great info and an impeccable track record in dealing with this issue. When he met Jill he felt she was an extreme case, most people have episodes lasting one to ten minutes. The reality is these episodes are a result of to much pressure on the brain Wich can end up having permanent effects. With this surgery, Dr Kim has had 100% positive results varying from restoration of quality of life to full restoration.

Here's a link to understand the issue and surgery:

Medishare works by submitting a bill and is paid by a pool of resources donated by it's members. Someone asked me "what happens if Medishare pays, where do these funds go?" These funds will pay for this medical bill and any overages will go back into the Medishare pool so other people who have life changing issues will have confidence that your help has granted them another chance at life.

We have peace through all this.  Our faith is that God will provide. While we don't understand it at we know He is good and His mercy endures forever. Thankfor your help! 
Cory & Jill Salter
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Cory Salter 
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