Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever - Twice

Need help… My name is Justilien Gaspard. I’ve had Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever “twice” in 6 months, and still in recovery.

Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever - bleeding fever destroys your white blood cells damaging your body’s ability to fight off other diseases. At the same time it reduces your bleeding factor (blood platelets). I was having to get my blood tested every 2 days for several weeks because my bleeding factor was dropping, and I could bleed to death.

Waking up to blood patches on sheets is very scary.

It’s transmitted by mosquitos (same family as Malaria and Zika virus.) No vaccine or cure.

Still have to get regular test since I have not made full recovery, and referred to specialist at a hospital. Doctors can’t even tell me how many “months” to recovery after I was diagnosed with virus in August 2015. Some people online told me it took their spouse a year, and doctors keep saying “full recovery.”  I’ve had it twice in 6 months…

This has left me unable to work (self-employed in SEO for over 10 years.) What little energy I have has been spent on doctors, lab test, pharmacy, food, and trying to rest for recovery.

I’m in another country, and all alone…no one to help me.

Since August my life has been in bed and apartment. I’m not even well enough to travel back to U.S where I'm from. I have no immediate family to even go back to.

Then I had more complications from Dengue. Twice for “several months” I was “gasping” for breath every second or two because my insides are messed up after all the vomiting (4-5 times a day.) It’s draining on the body when you can’t breathe normally --- making recovery harder, and much longer.

I use to be a very active person. Last 11 months most time in bed and trying to recover...rarely leave apartment for lack of strength, and waiting for immune system to recover.

I need help for medical expenses, rent, food, and such. I was always a very independent person so this is hard for me to write. I started working when I was less than 9 years old.  

I’m grateful for any amount, and those that share with others.

Thanks in advance for any support. It is much appreciated, and needed.

Thank you,
Justilien Gaspard
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Justilien Gaspard 
Miami, FL