Save My Family Home

Hi my name is Jason and i am trying to raise enough money to save the house that my parents raised me and my two younger brothers Jared and Jordan in.

Five years ago my father committed suicide after battling depression for his entire life. He was a great man to his friends and family, a wonderful leader and rolemodel to my brothers and myself who always did his best to make sure that we had everything that we needed to grow up happy and healthy.

When he passed so suddenly it broke my mother's heart and shortly afterwards due to medical complications, and what I think was mixed with heartache, went into a diabetic coma. It was so devastating to her body and her condition was so bleak that at a point I was asked by the doctors to start considering the fact that she would never wake up as the human being that she once was and to take into consideration pulling her plug. I, with my brothers decided to wait and give her a fighting chance to come back to us. A long and terrible story short she did. I asked her for a kiss one night before we went home from the hospital and she pursed her lips and gave me one of the greatest moments of my life. She slowly came back to us over the next few weeks and eventually it became clear that she was all there mentally, but the damage to her brain had destroyed her motor skills so she could not respond to us or the doctors and her brain waves still resemboled that of someone who was still in a coma. She regained her ability to speak after alot of therapy and practice and has been in a home ever since as we could not care for her.

even though we still had our mother we still lost our father and the combined income that was needed to keep our house. All three of us did what we could afterwards to take care of things at home, even so we have had so much difficulty. My youngest brother was away at school for the a few years afterward while my other brother left school and to work and take care of things with myself.  

I was the rock my family needed for as long as I could be, but my emotional and mental state began to deteriorate after only two short years as we tried to return to normal life. I could not cope with my stress and nightmares which affected my work. I lost many good jobs after previously being and exemplary worker my whole life. I would just not be able to get out of bed some days and even though I knew I had to work to keep our home I just couldn't do it. I didn't get to take the time to heal and just kept shooting my employment credability in the foot by getting let go from jobs for missed days. It got to the point were the only person who would hire me was my father's best friend who was a carpenter and coulld use me on and off as a laborer.

I have been working this way for some time and even though it hasn't been sufficient to pay everything it has afforded me the chance to heal, become a human being again. Between my brothers and I as well as two wonderful roomates we have taken on we keep the lights on and are able to keep up with our taxes. Here is where we Need your help though. In the time when things were really bad we got backed up over twenty thousand in taxes. A company bought up our debt and even though it is only a fraction of what our home is worth they are using it to forclose on our home as they are requiring us to pay the current balance in full immediatly, sell our home to pay it off to pay them or they take it from us to cover it, something that has happened to many many people in our country. 

We have done everything that we can do to make things work, talk to lawyers and other relevant profesionals, borrow against our own equity and ask for a payment plan to pay it off and every other thing that you might think we should do. Selling our home is what it all boils down to and that is what is going to happen unless we just pull the amount needed out of thin air.

We love our home. Our mother and father fought so hard to keep it when they had troubles andwe would hate to lose it because we couldn't catch a breather in our darkest days.

Time is running out and with compounding interst the balence required is just under $30,000. Please Help Us Save This House. It is all that is left of my father's legacy for us boys. I am only here and soliciting to your generousity because what ever happens I would hate to think that I didn't even try and ask.

Thank you for at least reading this and if you can't help with something of this magnetude maybe you know someone else who might. 

God bless
- Jason
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