Getting Jess's sparkle back

Jess and I have been friends for close to 5 years, but for the past 12 she has been unwell.

During this time, Jess and her husband Ryan have spent more than $60,000 on ineffective treatments and incorrect diagnosis.... until late last year. An astute Aussie doctor suggest they investigate something not currently recognised in Australia. With the help of a German laboratory, it was then confirmed Jess tested positive to Borrelia Burgdoferi (also known as Lyme disease).

Lyme is commonly known as the tick-bourne bacteria that effects humans... but it is much more complex than that. Aussie medical authorities have long denied the existence of Lyme here, making treatment expensive and difficult.
Anyone that knows Jess will know she has struggled with a myriad of symptoms over the years including:
Migraines and headaches
Muscle pain
Brain fog (forgetfulness, can't concentrate, forget words mid sentence feels like cotton wool in your head)
Vision problems - blury vision, double vision etc
Sore throat all the time
Noise sensitivity
Food and chemical intolerances
Gut issues
interstitial cystitis
Low thyroid
Low adrenals (cortisol)
Low blood pressure / fast pulse
Hormone issues
Problems sleeping
Sinus pain

On October 2, 2017 Jess will head to Europe (Cyprus) for treatment in Ozone Therapy that isn't available here.

For an intensive 4 weeks Jess hopes the treatment course will help cure her Lyme. The clinic has had great results with several chronic / immune system diseases, infections and medical conditions for the past 30 years.

Treatment costs more than €5500. Please help her get there by covering some of the cost so she can get well soon. 

For more info on the treatment course click here:

For more info on Lyme disease in Australia click here:
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    • $250 
    • 56 mos
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    • $50 
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    • $10 
    • 56 mos
  • Sheryl Rolston  
    • $20 
    • 56 mos
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Lauren Richo 
Otara, NZ