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The Story of "Love Letter To Survival (lament)"

Last March I performed my last original show and decided to take a sabbatical from performing my own music.  I knew it was time to take a step back and figure some things out.  Taking a break is tough to do because of the constant pressure to be pushing forward.  But I felt strongly that I didn't want to return to performing original material until there was a real purpose to it.

All that to say, over a year later, I'm in the final stages of writing my first full-length album since 2013.  This album will be titled "Love Letter to Survival (A Lament)"  The "lament" portion of the title is connected to an ancient spiritual practice that centers around naming pain and injustice in a real and authentic way, grieving those things and then moving through them towards hope.  In keeping with that idea, this album is themed around abuse, recovery, healing, spirituality and hope.  In sharing this collection of raw and honest songs, it is my sincere desire that they could serve as a gateway to difficult yet necessary conversations.

The Album
Love Letter To Survival melds together Pop/R&B/Gospel influences with a mix of electronic and analog instruments to create a unique, yet accessible sonic vision.
This record will feature collaborations with Canadian folk musician and visual artist, Amber Edgar  as well as LA-based drummer and producer Efa Etoroma Jr.  Peter Mol (guitar) and  Travis Switzer (bass) will be contributing some session work.

What We Need
Here's a breakdown of the resources needed to get this thing finished.

-Studio time/session fees: $1125.00
-graphic design, video and manufacturing: $1975.00
-Total funds needed: $3100.00

Here's why this project is important:  

-Music and art can open up a dialogue over difficult issues with the self and with other people where other mediums are less effective.
-In writing about abuse, recovery and lament in a narrative-focused and invitational style, I hope to make space for people to feel safe to start the introspective work that begins the journey of healing.  
-By being vulnerable and harnessing the power of story, it is my aim to move people past defensiveness and towards understanding and empathy for those struggling with the issues raised on the album. 

What You Get
So what's in it for you, generous sponsors?  A plethora of great benefits that's what!  Rewards include autographed albums, exclusive unreleased material, mentions in the liner notes, cover recordings of your choosing, and, for a special few, I'll write you a song :)  Check the rewards on the side and pick the one that works for you!

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