Jenn Smith's Stroke Recovery

On Tuesday, June 13th, Jenny's life changed forever. A once healthy, extremely active, young woman had the biggest scare of her life. At age 31, Jennifer Smith had suffered from a stroke. She writes: 
June 13, 2017
Started my workout earlier than normal that day, Terry had to take me back to my car because I had been out with my friends the night before. So I decided to head to Youfit on Richmond Rd. I get there, get warmed up, and about 5-6 minutes into my workout my legs felt like jelly. Well, I had just finished my third set of squat jumps and thought I was dehydrated from drinks and the pool the day before. So I sit down on a ledge to get a drink of water. Holding my water bottle in my right hand, "trying" to open the cap with my left. I couldn't do it! My brain was like "why am I not able to move my hand?!" A combination of numbness and tingles all down the left side of my body. I opened the bottle cap using my teeth on my right side...took a drink, managed to swallow some but notice I drooled too and coughed up some water. I thought, I need help! Something is super wrong with me!!!! I managed to grab my phone and call Terry. When he answered I was able to just mutter words, slurred the words "I feel lightheaded" "I feel weird" He asked me where I was and I muttered "Youfit, Richmond road" he could barely understand me but knew enough to come get me ASAP. After a few minutes, he called me back the only thing I remember him asking me was "can you get anyone around to help you?!" And I just said "I don't know how." Even though in my mind there were a few people I thought about flagging down that were just a few feet from me but I didn't know how or what I would tell them.
Finally, I see his car pull up and he rushes in the door and to the free weight area. He said "Come on babe, let's get you up!" And when he tried to help me up, I couldn't hold myself up at all. It was surreal, I never felt so useless...he managed to just carry me out the doors, a good haul I'd say. When putting me into the car I was like a ragdoll, he put each limb in I couldn't even scoot myself over. The girl at the desk ran out my phone and workout book and water..then he sped off to the ER at St.Joseph's Hospital.....
Jenny had to undergo a numerous amount of testing to figure out why a healthy, 31-year old woman would suddenly have a stroke. As she waits for an answer, she has not been cleared to drive or work. Jenny is employed  as a server at the local sports bar, Shamrocks Bar & Grill, in Lexington KY. She relies on her tips to pay her bills, and if she isn't working, she will not be able to make the money she needs to pay her exorbitant medical bills that continue to increase, let alone keep up with her regular bills & living expenses. 
The "clot buster" TPA  that they were able to administer within 1.5 hours of her stroke symptoms has helped wonders with her recovery. She continues to gain strength and improve with every day functions- she has a smile on her face and positive attitude as she tries not to worry about the financial stresses she will soon face. She will be forever grateful for any amount, even $5.00 would go a long way. If you cannot donate, please share her story!  She has such a big heart, and puts on such a strong front- but the reality is, she's a stroke survivor who makes a living serving others- physically and mentally demanding work.
To those of you who have already generously helped and supported her, we offer our heartfelt thanks.She is deeply appreciative and blessed to have each and every one of you in her life. 
Thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts ❤️
Love, The Smith Family
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