Hats for JP

Dear street performers around the world,

As many of you have heard,  J-P McKendry AKA Koala recently seriously injured his right hand.  While performing in the dubious nightime lighting of the pitches now replacing the once glorious Darling Harbour main pitch, he caught his battleaxe wrong.  The corner of the axe punctured his hand between his thumb and index finger, and the weight of the axe completely severed the flesh and webbing.  

If you'd like to see the photo of his stitches (deemed too graphic for this site), click HERE! 

Fortunately, the wonders of modern medicine allowed him to get a hand job!  The reconstructive surgeon reported that there was no damage to the bones, nerves, or tendons.  However, he will not be able to use his hand for three months, even then it will only be lightly.  No more axe juggling.

As we all know, J-P has a big heart, and has always been keen to help everyone grow to be the best street entertainer they can be.  He has trained generations of performers and fought to make street performance in Sydney and Australia what it is.

The next few months are going to be tough for J-P, his wife Chris, and their son Loughie - and don't forget Kenny the Koala (who is currently lying decapitated in J-P's case dying for a bloody cigarette).

If you'd like to help, here are some suggestions:  
Do a show for J-P, and donate the hat money.  Big or small, any hat helps.  If it's winter where you are, or you don't have a show to do, donate what you think a J-P hat is worth.  And if you can't afford to donate the value of a hat right now, just throw in what you would put into J-P's hat watching his show.

Let's show J-P how many people love him.

Thank you for stepping up and showing your support!


It's just like Church.  The more you give the better you feel.

If you don't give money to the funny man, he will have to go back to his old job...being a Jesus Christ Superstar impersonator.

If you don't have cash, we do take Visa... Actually, seriously, we really do take Visa, Mastercard, and American Express- we even give it back!

A gouge like this is worth $50 - per stich.

If you don't give $20 to the mangled busker, it means mommy and daddy don't really love you.  Just kidding, it means you're adaopted and J-P is your real dad.  You should respect your elders more. He can't even bitch slap you now.  He can only gimp slap you!

If you give $20 you'll make a difference.
If you give $50 you'll make his day.
If you give $100 he'll make your night - hopefully you're into bondages, I mean bandages.
Just kidding, he'll probably give you a four hour discussion breaking down your show's structure to the sub-atomic level.

Come on people - have a heart!

Written by Miranda Allen with additional absurdity by Sharon Mahoney. 

  • Jamey Mossengren 
    • $30 
    • 85 mos
  • Anonymous 
    • $30 
    • 88 mos
  • David Fiset 
    • $50 
    • 88 mos
  • Vijaynarain R 
    • $10 
    • 88 mos
  • Louise Kerr 
    • $100 
    • 88 mos
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