Nearly 3 years ago my son, Jason Bennett, was unjustly arrested and abusively handled by the police in a San Francisco suburb. He had been invited by his friend, Rick, to come stay with him in a roommate situation in Hayward, CA. Jason did not discover until he had moved in that the other roommates, who were PHD graduate chiropractic students were homophobic. Their disgust and desire to drive Jason and Rick from their home escalated quickly.

Due to a 911 call that Jason made because of harassment by the roommates, police arrived and unjustly arrested him in an abusive way and took him to jail. On the way to the jail, Jason was taken to an ER because of injuries sustained during the arrest where he was also treated abusively. He was then taken to jail where he remained for 2 nights and most of 3 days only to be released with no charges or explanation of why he had been jailed. He was released late at night with no shoes and no where to go. Jason's arrest resulted in a severe back and hip injury which he has been recovering from since due to hard work and perseverance. Because of his inability to work and lack of insurance, he has had to rely on social services in San Francisco for medical care, living and food expenses.

Almost a year ago a Federal lawsuit was filed on Jason's behalf for 5 of his civil rights being violated. Two prominent San Francisco civil rights attorneys took the suit on with the outcome as yet to be determined. As most would imagine, these type of cases can drag on for years. In the meantime Jason has been preparing for the time he can reopen his school, write an acting book and hopefully perform and share his beautiful singing voice.

Please go to attached songs to get a taste of his talent!

(First song is from Rocky Horror Picture Show and is called Sweet Transvestite and second song is from Beauty and the Beast and is Jason and his Grandmother (now passed) singing a duet.  Sweet!)

My husband and I have helped him financially by even dipping into our retirement funds but we are not able to do so any longer. Jason's care has progressed at a snail's pace which is what happens when you do not have proper medical insurance and have to rely on MediCal. (He cannot qualify for Obamacare as one must make at least $17,000 or they cannot be insured)

You may ask why Jason deserves your help and financial aid. A bit of history for you. Jason is a gifted acting teacher and had a successful acting school in New York City for 10 years. He was educated at one of the finest collegiate theatrical departments in the US and also has a beautiful singing voice. After deciding to move West to be near me, Jason started taking steps to begin an acting school on the West coast. He had difficulty in L.A. and was invited by his friend, Rick, to come to San Francisco to start his school there. He had only been in the area for 2 weeks when his bad luck began.

Jason is an example of what can happen in this country to an educated, talented person who has a disastrous event occur that throws his life into a deep dark hole. Please help him climb out.....he has every desire to be a useful, contributing member in our country but needs time, medical attention, rehabilitation and help with living expenses to return to that place. Your support will help him do this by aiding him financially as we no longer are able. Any amount that is possible for you....$5...$25... or even $500 would be amazing. And another very beneficial way to help would be by passing this Fund Raiser information on to your friends in Facebook, emails, word of mouth, etc. Thank-you for your compassion and any contribution you can make would be deeply appreciated.

Love and light,
Sarah Sunshine Klatt
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