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I have a dream. And I’m really excited to tell you about it!

Imagine if you could go on an adventure in a magical land, meet faeries and dragons, find an amulet of power, and learn to control the wind. How cool would that be? And what if you found out that everything you did in this magical land actually influenced your experience of reality? What would you do then? Is that even possible?

I’m here to tell you that, Yes. It is. And that is exactly why I am starting a business called the DreamScape Realm.

The DreamScape Realm is a place inside each person, where thought and emotion overlap with the unconscious Inner Self. Everything in this place is represented through symbolism and imagery. When you release a trap in the DreamScape Realm, you symbolically release the same trap in your outer life. When you find a jewel in the DreamScape Realm, you symbolically find a jewel in your outer life too. By learning to work with this Realm of imagery, you get to go on cool adventures to find answers, receive deep wisdom from your Inner Self, and tap into huge amounts of creativity. I have been working successfully with the DreamScape Realm for ten years, and I want to teach you how to do it too!

My dream is to teach 1,000 people how to work with their DreamScape Realm in the next year! And to do this, I need to raise $1,800 by June 2. This money goes to living expenses for the next month and a half as I start my business. I am in need of this financial assistance because I am recovered from PTSD, and I have not been able to hold a typical job for a variety of clinical reasons. However, I am 100% confident I have finally found the type of work I am able to do! I know I will have success once I launch at the end of May. And so I need your help!

If you feel inspired to donate, I would feel thrilled to receive it! Recommended donations range between $20.00 – $100.00 and I would gladly receive any amount you feel called to donate, as every little bit helps. And in return for helping me, I want to leave you with a little gift too!

At a donation of $  5.00  --  $ 49.00 I want to give you a package of screen savers/backdrops. (I took these amazing photos myself!)

At a donation of $ 50.00 --  $ 99.00 I want to give you two guided meditations. (I created these 5-minute meditations to fit easily into a busy day, to relax and energize you!)

At a donation of $100.00 -- $199.00 I want to give you a custom dream interpretation.

At a donation of $200.00 and up, I want to give each of these gifts to you! (photos, guided meditations, and dream interpretation)

I feel so happy that my dream is ready to come into being and that I can share it with you! Thank you for helping to make my dream come true. Your support is so meaningful to me. I couldn’t do it without you!

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