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Hello,  My name is Jake Randall (from Illinois) and a few years ago I received a friend request on Facebook from another individual named Jake Randall (from Massachusetts). I accepted the request and thought it was hilarious and very random! We exchanged a couple messages and chuckled because it's not everyday you find someone who has the same name as you. Thinking that our friendship wouldn't be too much more than those few messages, we moved on with our lives. Although we never had another conversation, or direct contact at all, Jake (Mass.) has had a positive and inspiring impact on me. After viewing his profile it seems that I am only one of many people he's encouraged. About a year or so ago, I learned from one his postings that he was ill and in the hospital. Looking into it more I found that he is battling Cystic Fibrosis. Anyone familiar with this genetic disorder know that it makes it near to impossible to do just about anything. I was blown away because I would have never known. Strictly because not one of his post, until he was admitted into the hospital, ever mentioned what he was going through. Honestly, his post were the complete opposite. I find myself and others complaining about simple things that Jake (Mass.) has to use his whole strength to do. I have never met him and I didn't need to for him to impact my life. His resilience and positivity is so genuine and contagious that it makes you think about your own life. I am unsure about his financial situation, but we all know that medical bills aren't cheap. I am positive that he is the type of individual that would do what he can for others. His condition appears to be worsening although his spirit is strengthening. Jake and his family have enough on their plate that they shouldn't be burdened more with the expenses. We all have problems in life and we all need money. The difference is that he deserves the help. He didn't ask, or even complain, he doesn't even know me. I'm not sure how far this is going to go, but if anyone can aid in anyway it would be appreciated. Again, I'm doing this only because his authentic outlook and contagious attitude has made me rethink my life. His family is completely unaware that I even exist. So I ask if you have a dollar, even fifty cents, to not spend it on that materialistic item today. Instead, let's do what our society has crossed off the list of norms, DONATE FOR JAKE. I am making a huge leap of faith and honestly I feel uneasy/awkward for making this. I felt lead to do so and I have faith in each of us to full-fill our roles on this earth, which is to serve one another. The link to his Facebook page is above, where you can look into Jake's story more. I'm setting the goal at 10,000 and with the millions of people in the world, it only takes spare change to reach it. Please share this because that is equally as helpful as a donation. Thank you for reading this as well.

***After making original post Jake has shared more of his story, I've learned that he is dealing with the difficult process of trying to get disability and which is being handle by lawyers that takes atleast 8 months and we all know it isn't guaranteed anyway. He not once asked for help, in fact he did the complete opposite. HE was thrilled that all of you took the time to acknowledge the fact that he is an outstanding individual. I was nervous doing this, but he was more excited about our friendship, and kept reassuring me that he will be fine because they just are waiting (again 6 months) for the disability process to come through. Stating that money never mattered anyway because when you are faced with the challenge hes been slowly overcoming, you see that the world is what society has made it to be. You don't see monetary value, you see paper, you don't see materialistic things, the only thing he sees is his family, his friends, and lastly himself. He is wise enough to truly matters and we should attain some of his wisdom. He deserves our aid. He also informed me that he is having minor surgery this Wednesday. Again, I know there are many people in this world, with different problems and needs, but it takes two seconds to share this (please). If you have made it this far then you've spent a lot more time than that. We all should learn something from his outlook and his appreciation. We should come together and do what we can in any form.Thank you once again.  

The post below shows Jakes character and is from his facebook page: 

Ok. I’ve decided it’s time for me to start being honest with everyone in my life. I’ve decided this because I’ve been lying to all of you for a long time and recently when things got bad I had no one I could talk to about it.

No one knew how bad things are because I’ve tried to protect everyone in my life from worrying about me.

Mom and Dad I even tried to talk to you both several times recently and even you guys didn’t get it and that was eye opening for me.

So here it goes.

I’m not doing better. I’m doing worse. A lot worse.

It’s gotten to the point where a “good day” for me is being able to walk from my bedroom to the bathroom without coughing up gobs of blood.

I am struggling to keep weight on but the amount of function I have left in my lungs really makes the weight not matter as much. Even sitting down my heart rate can hit 140 as I struggle to breathe.

Whenever I have posted publicly regarding my cystic fibrosis I have always focused on being positive to the point where I omit the truth or flat out lie.

But this is not a negative post. Keep reading.

I think there is a balance. I think I can meet my emotional needs of being honest with myself and my loved ones and still be positive. I don’t have to lie to do it either.

The fact is my friends and my family are the most incredible human beings in the entire world. I feel like the average person is extremely lucky if they meet just one person that loves them with their whole heart and is bonded to their soul for life.

I am truly blessed to have dozens of people like that. I may be 27 years old. I may not be here when I’m 30. But I have lived.

I’ve had amazing adventures and met (in my opinion) some of the most incredible people in history. Through jobs, school, mutual friends, and totally random chance meetings I’ve met so many people who have loved me with all their heart and soul and connected with me as soulmates in friendship and life.

I’m thinking about every single one of you right now. I’m thinking of you reacting to this as you read it, of course you know who you are and oh my god I love you so much. You have made my life not only worth living but if I could pick any life and any set of circumstances...if I could be ANYONE or do ANYTHING! I would pick to be me living the exact life I am living right now because in an infinite number of lifetimes I don’t think I could ever make as many treasured friendships as I have done in this one.

Please remember that when I’m gone. Remember despite my struggles I loved my life and you are why.

Whatever happens in the near future, it’s going to be ok. I’m learning to adjust to my new physical limitations and I have hope I can still contribute something to the world.

Even if I don’t however, I can go peacefully knowing I helped my friends and enriched their lives in a more meaningful way than I ever thought I could impact anyone.

Thank you for reading. If you made it all the way through this even if we barely ever talk just know that I love you too.

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