Jake Lipponer’s Road to Recovery

Our dear friend Jake Lipponer was in a tragic
car accident on the morning of Father's Day,
June 19th. After working multiple double shifts at work he was on his way to his favorite
vacation spot, Cape Cod, for a week of
relaxation. Unfortunately, now Jake is in critical condition and his life will be changed forever. Jake sustained a multitude of injuries, including breaks to his spine, femur, pelvis, right arm, left hand as well as many other fractures throughout his body. He has already undergone major surgery and has multiple surgeries scheduled over the next week to stabilize and support his body. Jake will have a very long excruciating road to recovery. Anyone that knows Jake, knows what an amazing and kind soul he is. He is the most caring and loving son, brother, and friend. He would literally give you the shirt off his back if need be (I know people say that often, but he really would). His family is incredibly supportive, caring, and generous and now more than ever they need all the love and support they can get.
 Unfortunately, Jake was in between health
insurance at the time of the accident and his
new coverage was to start July 1st. Due to this
unfortunate timing, the medical expenses that
Jake will incur will be insurmountable. We are
starting this GoFundMe in hope that it will help ease the financial burden that will be placed on Jake and his family. They have enough to worry about focusing on Jake's recovery. We ask that you keep the Lipponer family in your hearts during this difficult time and if you are unable to donate monetarily, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. We hope to have positive updates as time goes by and appreciate all of your support. With Deep Gratitude… ❤️