Jace's Fight Against Kidney Failure

The Beginning: It didn't start out easy for him, he became diabetic at the age of 9. Making living what one would consider a normal life difficult. He was hardly even able to appear at school growing up due to so many long stays in the hospital.
By his 20's being used to his condition and all, life took a sudden turn on him again. He began to have vision problems, leading to the loss of his right eye, and loss of all peripheral vision in the left. He had his licence taken and had to return his newly bought car.

1st Kidney failure: By his 30's his Kidney began to fail. He spent 2 years in dialysis. For those who don't know much about it, it's hell. A process of a tube put in your shoulder to filter your blood. But it affects your everyday terribly. Such as no physical strength, sickness, and strict diet. He then received his first transplant. On average a transplant kidney lasts a person 9 years, Jaces lasted him 21. It lasted his more than twice the amount because of how well he took care of himself. How much he cared. And I must mention he never did and still never does spend a second without working on something.

Current Failure: Now the long 21 years came to an end. Now almost 60 Jace's kidney has been failing again for over a year. The dialysis has been taking a toll on him day after day, only allowing him to work 3 days a week, ultimately making it a struggle to keep up with bills. On days of Dialysis he often feels sick and rests for the day. Daus he's not, he works as much as he can at Sue Nelsons and his own home. I help as much as I can. This past year I went through every step to try and donate one of my kidneys to him. He would do anything for me and has always been there for me, he is like a father figure to me because I never had my father. I figured why not give a little piece of my life to him so he can live his fully as he deserves. Well after the whole process, I wasn't a match. I was devastated.

The fatal leg infection: There was even a long time period where due to his physical weakness from medication he had an infected laceration on his leg leaving him with a walker and out of work. A long stay in the hospital due to it nearly becoming fatal. Although having good insurance, the bills racked up.

The leg problem passed by after a long time and just this past spring, after a long hard year of patiently waiting, we finally found a match. They had been going through tests up until this past month. The selfless doner Wendy was scheduled to give the kidney to jace July 5th... we found out the day before his blood created anti bodies to her's and the surgery was called off. We all were devastated we were back where we started. All of our hopes were up and let down. So now we search again as he holds on but with all the medical bills stacking up, until we find the right doner he will only struggle more and more.

Who Jace is: I met Jace at Sue Nelsons when I was a 16. I was new there and he taught me everything about the job and very quickly became a friend. Soon I would begin to help him even after I moved on from working with him with his own house projects since it was difficult for him to do most labor. He didn't have much help before and it hurt me to know that so I did and still do what I can. And in return he has always helped me. Without me even asking he always did. When no one else would. He became family and I would do anything for him and if you knew him like I do, you would too. He's the toughest fighter I have ever met and most selfless man I've ever met. He cares about everyone and everything. He taught me to always appreciate life. Let me tell you he does more than 80% of the people I know, including myself. He deserves to live a full life healthy and without drowning in debt just because American insurance sucks for people like him. People working their butt off while struggling with medical issues, and yet still have to worry about how to afford to keep from dying. It is a stress I can't imagine and yet he still has a smile on always. I explained who he is as a man so that you know what kind of person your money will help if you do donate.

So please if any of you have read this and are able to help, please do so. Any and every donation will be greatly appreciated!

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