Help Fight Famine and Starvation in Oromia

It is now widely known that there is severe starvation or looming famine in many parts of Oromia. A staggering number of people are presently starving. If this crisis is not addressed soon, there will be a full-blown famine in much of the lowlands of Oromia, where drought has persisted for the last few years. For example, much of Bale and Hararge lowlands, Borana, Gujii, and Karrayyu are the most drought-affected areas.

Natural vagaries aside, the ongoing war that is ravaging much of Oromia, including the drought-stricken areas, has compounded the food insecurity crisis to the extent of causing famine. As a result, it is reported that 3.4 million people need immediate humanitarian assistance in Oromia.

As hidden as this famine is, there is a lot more that we don’t know about regarding the actual number of people affected by the drought and crisis related to the ongoing war across Oromia. But the figure is much more than the UN and international Aid organizations reported.

There have been credible reports of children and adults dying from lack of food and water in the drought-affected regions. Still, the extent of the problem and the exact number of deaths is difficult or almost impossible to establish without access to those areas. For example, in Borana alone, the drought has wiped out the livestock of 17 thousand households, exposing them to immediate food insecurity and displacement.
What is more worrying and perhaps less known is the extent of the looming humanitarian crisis in Western, Central, and Southern parts of Oromia, where OLA operates actively. The government has employed a strategy of decimating the livelihood of the local population in hopes of weakening OLA’s support.

The extent of the humanitarian crisis facing the people of Oromia is huge. It is a matter of utmost urgency to save lives in Oromia. It is for this very purpose that Macha Tulama Association, MTA, in conjunction with a host of organizations is launching this fundraiser to support Oromos in dire need of humanitarian assistance.
Therefore, we appeal to all Oromos in the Diaspora and all Oromo civic, religious, and community organizations to generously help save the lives of their fellow compatriates. Equally, we appeal to all friends of Oromos to support this cause.

Let’s make a collective effort to save lives!

List of fundraising organizations:

Macha Tulama Association, MTA
Global Oromo Communities Association
Global Oromo Interfaith Council
Waldaa Sikkoo-Mandoo
Waldaa Shanan Gibee
Gurmuu Baha Oromiyaa
Kuraa-Galaan Foundation
Waldaa Afran Qalloo
Wallo Oromo Relief Association
Waldaa Wabii Maccaa
Boorana Global Network
Waldaa Odaa Nabee
Waldaa Raab Gadaa
Oromia Global Forum
Kaayyoo Arsii

Also supported by Oromo Women and Oromo youth
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  • Kadir Imam 
    • $100 
    • 4 d
  • Anonymous 
    • $200 
    • 7 d
  • Anonymous 
    • $5 
    • 9 d
  • Zehara Kedir 
    • $20 
    • 10 d
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