In support of Mallikarjun Eaga’s family

Update 5/12/2022:  A Big Thank you  for all your support.  

****Final send-off on Friday, May-13, 11:00 AM To 02:00 PM*******  Later Mallik's remains will be sent to India.
Viewing Address:  Airport Mortuary Shipping Services, 744 South Central Ave, Atlanta, GA 30354


We are deeply saddened to inform that our beloved friend, Mallikarjun Eaga, 45, suddenly passed away in the late hours of Tuesday, 10th of May 2022. He leaves behind his wife Pavani, and two young girls, Sahaswini, 6 and Manaswini, 13.
We are absolutely devastated by the news and are struggling to come to terms with the shock of losing our dear friend.
Mallik was a loving dad, a wonderful husband, and an affectionate son, brother, and friend. He was loved by many, and known among family and friends for his passion and willingness to help others in need.
Pavani has already been dealing with her own father’s sudden passing this past year, and traveled to India this month (which is where she currently is) to pay her respects during the one year anniversary of her father’s death. She is reeling under this additional grievous news of hearing that her husband and partner for over 16 years, is no more, and that she wasn’t with him during his last hours.
As you can imagine, his sudden demise has left an irreplaceable void in his family. In addition to the inexplicable pain and distress such a situation tends to cause, it also brings a heavy financial burden on the surviving members of the family.
Please support us in trying to raise funds to help Pavani meet immediate expenses for transporting Mallik’s remains to India and making funeral arrangements. In addition, there’s a need to help supplement the family’s day to day expenses, and support the young childrens’ continuing education.
Although life will never be the same for Mallikarjun’s family in his absence, we hope that this GoFundMe will help reduce some of the financial distress that Pavani and her children are likely to face while trying to adjust to a life without the head of their household.
Please keep Pavani, and her family in your thoughts and prayers and consider donating what you can, and share this with your family and friends who are able to extend their monetary support. We are forever grateful for every donation during this very difficult time.
If you would like to make a donation in India (and are unable to use this GoFundMe) please PhonePay or GooglePay to 

Sai Krishna Velidandi