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In Memory of Paul Yeboah, Moringa Farmer’s Award

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Dr. Paul Yeboah, one of the pillars of the Ecovillage and Permaculture movements in Africa - and the World - was a revolutionary force in his home country of Ghana. 

Dr. Paul literally changed the landscape of his home region in Ghana by founding the Ghana Permaculture Institute (GPI). He built an institute and a community, inspiring and training 8000 rural farmers to literally grow themselves out of poverty. 

Families living in dire need were invited to grow moringa, a superfood known as the "tree of life," as well as join a collective of farmers selling their product on the international market. This simple network created a ripple effect as the families of the farmers were invited to make moringa soaps and other cosmetics. Suddenly a family on the edge is thriving and inviting their neighbors into the collective. 

In Dr. Paul's memory, GPI will be recognizing a select group of farmers with the first annual Paul Yeboah Moringa Farmer’s Award to honor their hard work in carrying forth Dr. Paul's legacy.

Dr. Paul was a loving soul who touched many hearts across the globe. Through him many people including youth, women and farmers have been empowered in their communities. Now is your opportunity to carry forth this legacy as well. Please give as generously as you can to honor the hard-working man we will all miss dearly.

Video: Dr. Paul speaks with The Global Ecovillage Network about his journey with permaculture, 

History of Ghana Permaculture Institute

Ghana Permaculture Institute was established in 2004 to connect and work with rural dwellers, low-income and peasant farmers on implementing the Permaculture Design System in Ghana. Dr. Paul realized the need to create a demonstration site where permaculture methodologies and practices could be implemented so that farmers would be able to appreciate the sustainable practices. Therefore, with the support of local and international partners, Dr. Paul acquired 24.5 acres of land to set up the demonstration center.  

Video: Dr. Paul gives a tour of Ghana Permaculture Institute!

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